How to deal with internal conflict

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Signs of an internal conflict, when two parts of your brain fight together

Ever found yourself unable to sleep because two parts of your brain were fighting together?
Ever had a serious internal conflict in your mind?
Are you loaded with guilt, stress , shame or any other unbearable emotion??

An internal conflict happens when one part of you disagrees with what the other part is doing. such feelings usually result in very high levels of discomfort to the extent that you might believe that you are becoming mad.

So what are the signs of an internal conflict?
Restlessness, over thinking, being unable to relax and having trouble falling asleep are all signs of an internal conflict that is going on in your mind.

How to deal with an internal conflict

Because an internal conflict usually results in unbearable emotions its extremely important that you learn how to end it.

Here is what you need to do to end inner conflicts:

  • 1) Don't push away annoying thoughts: If you have an internal conflict then each now and then you will get really annoying and irritating thoughts especially during the times you are trying to relax at. Pushing away those thoughts will only make them more intense. Just let your subconsciousness mind know you received the message so that it stops bothering you with it. Think of the possibilities, the options you have and possible ways to get out of this mess instead of pushing those thoughts away. (See also How do people escape from reality)
  • 2) Don't violate your values: One major source of such internal conflicts is the violation of your own values. When you move against what you believe in your subconscious mind will do its best to bring you back to the right track and as a result your mind will start fighting itself. Do your best to stick to what you believe in and if it happened that you violated any of your values just make sure you don't do the same mistake again. The internal conflict usually happens when there is constant violation of values almost everyday and not when a small mistake happens
  • 3) Do what you are supposed to do: The other major source of internal conflicts is escaping from the tasks you are supposed to do. Your beliefs, goals and values will always imply that you act in a certain way. Failure to keep up to the expectations you have of yourself or procrastinating instead of taking actions always results in serious internal conflicts
  • 4) Write the conflict down: One of the best ways of unloading unwanted emotions from your brain is to write them down. When you write down your thoughts you will feel as if you dumped your emotions on the paper. In addition to the relief you will get you will also get much more self understanding that will help you figure out the best method you need to use in order to resolve that conflict (see also This is why you should write a plan)
  • 5) Always be time conscious: When you get older or pass from one major life phase to another (for example moving from school to college or college to work) you will always find yourself measuring your progress in life with your peers. Now if you were prepared for that moment by having a plan that you are following then most probably you wont get affected but if you weren't prepared then you will get an internal conflict whenever you move on to a new phase in your life (see also Why are some people afraid to grow up)

How i resolved a serious internal conflict

Sometimes you might need to take serious actions in order to resolve an internal conflict. If for example you hate to take orders then certainly working for someone will let you live with an internal conflict because a part of you would want the job while another part of you would want you to quit the job.

In such a case if you can't quit your job you need to start your own business in parallel to the job. This is what i did when i was suffering because of my day job. I just had to start my business and within few month i started to feel more relaxed because i felt that there is a way out for me.

In other words, a serious action can resolve most internal conflicts even if the main problem wasn't solved yet. I felt way better long before i left my job because of the actions i took.

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