I am afraid to grow up

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I am afraid to grow up

Do you know why people experience fear?
People feel afraid when they think that they are about to encounter something that can harm them physically or mentally.

But why would someone fear growing up?
Why would someone become afraid whenever he grows one more year?

And why are there on the other hand people who enjoy growing up and who usually say that each phase of life has got its own beauty?

If you want to know more about this type of fear then read this article.

This is why some people are afraid to grow up

All humans without exceptions have goals that they want to reach even those who appear to never care about anything.

Even the ones who don't have any purpose in life or important life goals usually have the goal of finding their life purpose.

Based on these goals people have they develop certain expectations of how they want their lives to be like during a certain phase.

Now if someone found that his life is becoming short of his expectations he might start to fear growing up because this might mean that he wont have enough time to reach his goals.

For example, if a person wanted to become rich then found himself broke at the age of forty then he might develop the fear of growing up and become depressed as a result. In my book The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how depression can be caused by the loss of hope in reaching important life goals. In this case the more the person grows up the more he losses hope in reaching his life goals if he wasn't taking proper actions to reach them.

On the other hand if that person fulfilled a big percentage of his financial goals by the age of forty then he might not fear growing up because of believing that he have enough time to complete his important goals to the end.

How to prevent the fear of growing up

If you want to get over the fear of growing up or even prevent it then stick to the following advice:

  • Have a life purpose: One of the major reasons that causes depression and that results in the fear of growing up is the lack of a life purpose. When you know what you are living for you wont feel that your life is worthless as you grow up.
  • Have a written plan: If you dont have a life purpose you will certainly become depressed at a certain point of your life as a result of feeling that your life is meaningless. If you have a life purpose but don't have a plan then most likely you are going to experience frustration and depression because you wont feel that you are coming any closer to achieving the goals that constitute your life purpose.
  • Become time conscious: Procrastination can be the seed that grows until it becomes a tree of fear. If you kept wasting time by procrastinating then most probably you will find your life way short of your expectations at some point and as a result you will fear growing up.

Stick to the previous three points and you wont have any problems while growing up.

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