How to break free from fear

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Qualities of successful people

Richard Branson is one of the most celebrated men in modern time. He is a Billionaire,a celebrity and he is the founder of a gigantic company, The Virgin group.

Each time you read about a story of a successful self made person you will realize that most of those people share the same qualities. Tenacity, iron will, persistence and great ambition are all among the qualities all successful people share but there is something very different about Branson that made him stand out.

He is exceptionally Brave. Unlike most other successful people who are usually brave as well Branson demonstrated tremendous courage at many points in his life just to save his business.

If you want to develop tremendous courage then you must know a little more about Richard Branson's life.

How to break free from fear

After Richard created his successful records company Virgin he decided to enter the airlines industry. He started another company ,Virgin airways, and began on his dream to make it a global company. At that time his company was very tiny compared to British airways who competed with him fiercely.

Under the pressure of tough competition Richard had to sell his beloved records company just to finance the expenses of the airlines company. Richard felt devastated, it was like selling his child according to this own words.

When the competition became tougher Richard decided to do something extraordinary to make his brand more popular. He decided to cross the Atlantic ocean in a balloon just to draw more attention to his brand.

The balloon ended in the water and Richard was saved by a rescue helicopter.As a result of that event Richard's company got so much attention that he managed to beat the competition.

Richard didn't stop here but he went on several trips to cross the Atlantic and pacific ocean in a balloon as well just to attract eyeballs.

How to get over fear

Richard was in fact scared when he was about to die. This was clear in one of the videos taped on one of his Balloon trips. It was clear that he was scared when he believed he might not make it across the ocean alive. At the end of that trip he was saved by miracle and his co-pilot nearly died.

The first thing to learn from Richard is that no matter how afraid you are you must keep going forward. The second lesson to learn is that you should do all what you can to protect your dreams when they are in danger.

Business men usually risk their money to save their businesses but Richard took an additional step, he risked his own life to protect his dreams.

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