10 famous people who succeeded later in life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Do you think its too late?

So many people never start on their life plans simply because they believe that they should have started earlier. As a psychologist i can confidently tell you that so many people get depressed as a result of believing that the time they had to reach their goals is already out.

This is usually a tough type of depression since no matter what you do you can hardly make those person feel good. After all, the only thing that can make them feel good is a time machine, right?

No, here is the good news. You don't need a time machine to end this kind of depression but you just need to realize that so many people started late in life yet managed to do it.

10 famous people who succeeded later in life

  • 1)Sylvester Stallone : Sylvester Stallone was so broke that he had to sell his wife's jewelry then his dog to pay his bills. He only became successful when the script for the movie Rocky was accepted (he was 30 at that time)
  • 2)Harrison Ford: He was a struggling actor and had to work as a carpenter to pay his bills. He never saw real success before he was 35
  • 3)J. K. Rowling (harry potter writer): she struggled for years and her scripts got rejected until she managed to sell the first one in her mid thirties then she became a billionaire few years later! (see her full story)
  • 4) Steve jobs: Even though Steve's company became successful at a young age he was kicked out of it when he was at his early thirties and he had to start over. He managed to become successful once again at his mid thirties.
  • 5) Larry Ellison (oracle): Larry had to work for a software company until he was about 34. It was then when he decided that he should start his own business and within years he became a famous billionaire. (see his full story)
  • 6) mark Pincus (zynga): After moving from one failure to another Mark discovered that his passion was for gaming and he started his company Zynga at a late age only to become a billionaire at his forties. (see his full story)
  • 7) Jack Dorsey (Twitter): After moving from one job to another Jack found his passion in social networking. He started twitter then became successful at his mid thirties
  • 8) Susan Boyle: After struggling with financial difficulties, partial mental handicap and death of her mother she became a famous singer at the age of 47! (see full story here)
  • 9)Abraham Lincoln: Most probably he was the most defeated man in the world. After losing so many times in different elections he succeeded in becoming the president of the united states at the age of 51)
  • 10) Colonel Sanders(KFC): That's probably the best example you are going to see in your life about starting late. Colonel Sanders started his idea when he was 65 years old and in few years he had one of the largest restaurant chains in the world (see also Am i too old to start over?)

Its never too late

As you can see people can succeed at their 30's, 40's and even 60's!
Yes it would have been better if you made it earlier but being late doesn't mean that you can never do it.

Those were just few examples of people who succeeded late in life just because they believed that age had nothing to do with success. Once you develop that belief you will be able to make it as well. Its never too late!

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