how to become rich and famous (A true story)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The tough life of Joanne

Joanne was born in 1965 in very poor village in Britain. Since her early years she was passionate about writing that she wrote her first story at the age of six. Her story was about a terabit that got sick. As simple as the story was it showed how she had deep passion for writing.

When Joanne grew older her life got tougher. She was a single mom, she was poor, and her mom was very sick. One day while traveling with the train she got an idea that appealed a lot to her. She thought of writing a novel about a boy who discovered that he was a wizard while studying in school.

Joanne started writing the first novel for her new character harry potter but before she even completed it her mother died. This loss was so devastating for her that it affected her writing style in the end of the book.

Joanne got fired from her job because she was caught writing instead of working. In the next few years she was fired from several jobs and was struggling to find a source of income. (see also When should i quit my job)

After that it became hard for her to find a job because she wasn't young, didn't have a career or good working history.

Determination, iron will and persistence

After completing the first 3 chapters of her first Harry potter Novel Joanne sent them to a publishing house to review them but she got shocking news. Her novel was rejected.

Joanne said that this was the second worst moment of her life (The first was her mother's death). Despite of all of that Joanne didn't give up and decided to contact more publishing houses but to her astonishment 12 publishing houses rejected her novel.

A single mom, with no job or career and who just saw her dream shattering into pieces. That was Joanne state at that time.

But for some reason she didn't give up and kept contacting publishing houses until one of them gave her 4000 dollars for the novel.

Money and fame

The book was published and it was considered successful on a small scale. Joanne was extremely happy and decided to continue with her dream. In a short period of time she sold copyrights for another novel for 100,000 dollars.

Harry potter novel started spreading like fire. Kids used to line up in front of book shops for hours waiting for the shop to open to get their copy of the new harry potter book.

Shortly Joanne, who is now known as J. K. Rowling, was receiving a lot of money from publishing houses. Her books became the best selling ones on the new-york times list for 5 complete years!

J. K. Rowling then got an offer from a Hollywood film producer to turn her novel into a movie. Shortly Joanne got around 200 million dollars for the copy rights of her characters.

Joanne's harry potter is now considered the most successful movie franchise of all time. Joanne became the first writer in history to become a billionaire and she is now considered one of the most richest women alive. (see also Do most rich people inherit their money?)

How to become rich and famous

Here are the lessons you should learn from this magnificent success story:

  • 1) Fight for what you believe in even if experts turned you down: J. K. Rowling's writings were rejected by 12 publishing houses yet she continued because she believed in her ability to write stories. (see also Why the experts are wrong)
  • 2) Even when life is tough, just keep going: Joanne's life was really tough. She wrote her first novel in a cafe while her daughter was sleeping on her lap. She has been through devastating losses and setbacks but she just kept going and this is why she became today's J. K. Rowling.
  • 3)You can start from scratch or even below scratch and still make it Rowling had nothing to start with except her hopes and dreams but it turned out that those hopes and dreams can be more powerful than all other resources in the world (see also Why you should dream big)

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