How to feel good about myself

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to feel good about myself

Some people feel inferior around others because of thinking that they are no good compared to them.

The main reason this happens is that those people keep their weakest point in mind then only compare it to those who seem not to have that same weak point.

For example an obese girl will always compare her weight only to those who have an ideal weight and as a result she will feel inferior to them.

People who do so find it very hard to feel good about themselves in the presence of others and instead they always experience inferiority feelings. (see I feel inferior to everyone)

Inferiority and feeling good about yourself

For the first instance the logic those people use seems to make sense. After all they have a certain weakness that others don't have and as a result it makes a lot of sense to feel inferior around them, right?

No That's completely wrong!
This conclusion was based on the assumption that each and every person thinks the same way while the opposite is true. Most people will become obsessed with their own weaknesses instead of yours and they will compare their own weaknesses to others.

For example While the person who is not satisfied with his weight compares his weight to another one the latter might be busy comparing his nose shape to the first!

While you are feeling inferior to your friend because he is richer than you he might be feeling inferior to you because he thinks that you are smarter than him!

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that if you want to feel good about yourself in the presence of others then you must understand that each person looks for the things that he lacks and then compares them to others.

Perception and feeling good about yourself

Each person's perception depends on his psychological makeup. The thing that concerns you the most such as your nose shape will usually be completely irrelevant to most people.

Its not uncommon for two people who barely know each other to feel inferior around one another because each of them compares the thing that he doesn't like about himself to the other. (see How to stop comparing yourself to others)

In order to feel good about yourself you need to understand that you are dealing with normal humans who have flaws just like you.

No person on this planet doesn't have a weak point. If a person is successful, popular and wealthy he might seem superior to you but if you have access to his mind you will discover that there are things that intimidate him as well.

You are not dealing with super heroes but you are dealing with normal humans who have flaws just like you. Yes their flaws might be different than yours but this doesn't mean that they dont have ones. put this in mind and you will feel good about yourself around others.

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