5 Ways to feel Good

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The right Way to feel Good

What are the ways to feel good?
Can someone do something or apply an advice that can make him become happy or feel good?

If its true then why do so many people try different ways to feel good but fail to change their mood in the end?

The reason those people never manage to become happy or feel good is that they try to do it the wrong way. After studying psychology for 11 years i came up with a magical formula that will certainly help you feel good about yourself and your life if you just applied it.

5 effective ways to feel good

Here are 5 effective ways that can help you feel good about life:

  • 1)Happiness and ignoring the signals: Each emotion that you experience whether it is good or a bad is a message from your mind that has the purpose of motivating you to do something. For example anxiety is nothing more than a message that has the purpose of motivating you to become more prepared. Now one of the most powerful ways to feel good is to respond to this signal as soon as its sent because if you didn't your mind will try to warn you with a more powerful signal.
  • 2)Happiness and escapement: I have previously said that mood swings usually result from coming across something that quickly reminds you of an unsolved problem. Most people never feel good about life or about themselves because they keep escaping from their problems instead of trying to solve them. One very effective way for feeling good and for making your life happier is solving your problems as soon as you encounter them. If you tried to run from problems by keeping yourself busy, by acting as if they are not there or even going for drugs you will end up feeling really bad
  • 3)Helplessness and Feeling Good: Helplessness is the state we reach when we find that we have no clue about how to reach our important goals. Certainly one of the best ways to feel good is to learn how to get over helplessness. You can easily overcome helplessness by developing new skills, asking experts or reading about the subject that concerns you
  • 4)Change your past to feel good: Another powerful way that can make you feel good is changing your past. This sounds weird i know, how can someone change his past? By succeeding in the future in doing whatever you failed to do in the past your past failures will become a good memory. For example if you lost your job then found an even better one then the old memory will become a good one because it will only remind you of how strong you are;)
  • 5) The way to finding happiness: Even if you don't have major problems in your life still the presence of any other unwanted emotion such as stress or anxiety can prevent you from living a happy life or feeling good about yourself. One of the best ways to feel good and to live a happy life is to work on dealing with each unwanted emotion that is invading your life. Another good way that can help you solve this problem is to change your life style if possible in order to avoid that unwanted emotion. For example, can you drive at different times to avoid the stress that results from traffic jams??

Feeling good the right way

Many people go for temporary fixes that can help them feel good for few moments only to end up feeling really bad. In order to experience lasting happiness and to feel good for the longest period of time you must only do it the right way.

The smoker who smokes to reduce stress might experience some relief each time he smokes only to end up with feelings of guilt months later because of not being able to quit smoking.

The person who procrastinates in order to delay hard work and to feel good ends up feeling really bad too because he tried to feel good the wrong way.

In short there are many ways to feel good that seem like shortcuts but following any of them usually lead to short term happiness and long term sadness.

Of course there are many other right ways to feel good and you can know more about them using the links in the bottom of this article. Good luck :)

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