Why do we sometimes shiver when we listen to music

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What's going on?

Ever asked yourself why do you sometimes shiver when you listen to music?
Why Do you sometimes shiver when you listen to someone talking?
Why do we shiver when we listen to certain words?

Your nervous system is the part of your body that plays a great role in transfer of information between your body parts. Your brain stores information, beliefs and thoughts and uses the neural network to transfer this information between the different body parts.

If you are motivated your nervous system will control your body's psychical state and you will find yourself very energetic. Depressed people on the other hand don't find enough energy because their nervous system isn't functioning properly.

Now what does all this has to do with shivering?

Why do we sometimes shiver when we listen to music

Any information that comes out through your senses has to pass through your brain. Sometimes the information you receive might not match any of your beliefs.

For example if i told you that i can fly most probably you will laugh at me because what i said did not resonate with your existing beliefs.

Now what if i told you something that made you so emotional but in the same time was perfectly aligned with your beliefs.

What if i told you something that appealed to your brain so much because it matched your beliefs 100%. In such a case your nervous system will get over excited and you will shiver.

In other words, we shiver when we listen to something that appeals to us a lot and that matches our beliefs to a great extent. This usually happens with motivational stuff in case they appealed to our minds.

The reason i can't give a specific example is that every person has his own set of beliefs. What appeals to my mind the most might not appeal to you at all.

How to use this shivering to get more self understanding

When you shiver quickly examine the thoughts that were passing inside your mind at that moment. If you were listening to a song play back the last part to find out the exact words that made you shiver. (see also Why do we get bored of songs)

When you single out those words you will be able to perfectly understand the beliefs you had in mind. Last time i shivered was when i saw a part of a very motivational movie where Rocky stood up after being punched so hard (you must see it).

This part appealed to me the most because i believe that getting up after you fall is an amazing thing and because my beliefs were 100% aligned with that part of the video my nervous system got over excited and i shivered.

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