Why do we get bored of songs

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do we get bored of the music we used to like?

So you found a new song, liked it a lot, started playing it over and over then after sometime you started getting bored of it and you stopped listening to it.

Why did you get bored of a song that you used to like?
Weren't you very interested in it few hours or days ago?

In my previous article How music affects your brain i explained how we associate the music we listen to during a certain phase of our lives with that phase in such a way that we remember that phase when the song gets played.

Your mind will always try to bind two things together so that it can remind you of one of them when the other is encountered. If for example a dog was about to bite you then your mind might associate fear with dogs in such a way that you will get afraid when you see a dog.(see also How i got over dog phobia)

Because new things are new to your mind as well they aren't usually associated with anything negative and that's why you experience momentary happiness when you listen to them. Now each time you listen to that new song your current feelings are bound to it.

If you were feeling stressed out one day then listened to the song you like then a bit of stress will be associated with that song. After listening to the song many times and after so many bad feelings get associated with it the song loses its effect.

Why do some songs take more time

In my article How music affects your mood i explained how you only like songs that resonate with your beliefs and emotions. Each song that you like gives you some kind of positive energy whenever you listen to it.

Each time you listen to a song your mind compares the positive energy coming out of it with the negative emotions that got associated with it as a result of listening to it over and over.

When the negative associations become more powerful than the positive emotions the song is promoting then the song loses its effect. Depending on the amount of positive energy the song provides you with the time you take to get bored of it changes.

Novelty, perception and Music

When a experience is new we feel excited because we can't predict what's going to happen next. People get bored of predictable stuff and that's why we like new things. (see also Why being mysterious works)

When a happy experience is novel the critical parts of our brains don't function correctly. In my previous article Is love really blind i explained how we don't see the flaws of the people we love in the beginning of the relationship because the areas responsible for judging others in the brain doesn't function during that period.

But after some time when the thrill and excitement of novelty go away you start thinking rationally once again and you become more focused on the negative aspects of that thing you liked. (see also Why do people become irrational)

This is the reason why you might start experiencing negative feelings few days after listening to your favorite song repeatably.

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