Is love really blind

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why we don't see the flaws of the people we love

Is love really blind?
Can your emotions towards someone prevent you from judging him correctly?

In a brain imagining study researchers measured the activity that happens in the brain when people fall in love by showing them pictures of the ones they love.

It was found that in addition to the brain areas that get activated when we fall in love certain areas get deactivated or switched off. The brain circuits involved in judging others were found to be deactivated when people were shown a picture of the ones they love. (see Do we judge others fairly)

This means that when you fall in love with a person your brain loses its ability to judge him correctly and as a result you become blind to his flaws. But why does your brain do so?

When you don't see the flaws on intention

In my previous article Why do people stick to their incorrect opinionsi explained how people twist the facts they see and even claim that they don't exist just to protect their beliefs.

Sometimes we develop incorrect beliefs just to maintain our psychological stability then lie to ourselves to keep those beliefs intact. Believing in luck is one good example of a belief that could trigger serious self confidence issues if it was dropped. After all blaming bad luck for failure protects the self esteem of the person.

Because the person who uses that strategy is in serious need of maintaining this belief he would omit many facts claiming that they are untrue or even deny their existence. (see also How people twits the facts to support their beliefs)

But what does this has to do with love?
Because we have strong need for falling in love we tend to ignore the negative facts that threaten our love just to help ourselves satisfy that need.

How your perception changes to make you blind

In my previous article How your beliefs affect your perception i said that your perception of things isn't fixed but it changes to support your important beliefs.

The way you see one thing today might differ completely from the way you see the same thing after your beliefs or emotions change. (see also How your emotions change your perception)

Because people hate to give up on the ones they love and because most people try to hold on to the ones they like their perception change in such a way that they stop seeing the flaws of the ones they like.

So the final conclusion is, love is truly blind.

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