Why do people judge others

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Judging others

How many times have you formed an impression of someone even before you got to know him well?
How many times did people who barley know you judge you?
How many times you felt bad because you were judged or misunderstood?

While you might be thinking that people judge you because of your behavior, actions or body language still a big part of the impression people form of you comes from their own fears and past experiences. (see Why do i fear people for more information).

Why do people judge others?

I have previously said that our subconscious minds believe that people who look alike act alike and even have the same personalities. In my book How to make someone fall in love with you I even explained how you can fall in love with someone just because he looks like someone you loved before.

Now what I want to add is that this association doesn’t only happen based on looks but rather it extends to include the way people dress, walk, talk or behave. If as a child you were bullied by a guy who used to wear black all the time then you might grow up fearing people who wear black without understanding why.

When you look at someone for the first time you don’t just see his looks or body language but you also see a reflection of your past and old experiences.

If this guy by any means reminded you of someone you hate then you might not be happy knowing him or if he reminded you of someone who was evil then you might feel uncomfortable around him.

Even when you become angry at someone, it was found that a big part of your anger is released because of what was done to you by the person who looks like the one who bothered you and not just him!!

For example if someone who looked like your boss shouted at you while driving and you became mad then know that a big part of the anger was released because the man looked like your boss and not just because he has done something bad to you. (see I am angry at you).

How to stop judging people

There is only one way to help yourself form the correct impression of people without being affected by your past which is to examine the impression you formed of them and find whether its real or whether its based on your own past experience.

Note that things are never going to be that obvious, for example, you won’t find a man looking just like your old boss and then realize that this is the reason you are considering him arrogant but instead there are going to be some small signs that remind your subconscious mind of similar people.

Be it the way the person talks, walks or the clothes he wears, still each of these elements can affect your thoughts and let you judge him incorrectly. Keep an open eye for these clues, understand your past, its connection with your present and know that looks are deceiving.

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