Reading anger through facial expressions

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to read emotions through facial expressions

This article is part 2 of the series how to read emotions through facial expressions. In part one i explained how slight changes in a person's emotions can trigger subtle changes in his facial features.

If you trained yourself to recognize these subtle changes in the facial expressions you will be able to read people's emotions perfectly. Now add to this the ability to read body language and you will become an expert in understanding people.

Now the best way to learn how to read a certain emotion through the face is to first see how a normal face and a face with intense emotions look like. Of course both states would already be familiar to you but your target shouldn't be recognizing them but rather recognizing the intermediate state that happens between them.

Almost all people can recognize an angry face but what about a face that is slightly angry and is about to become really angry?

Reading anger through facial expressions

Below are pictures of two faces. The one on the left is a normal relaxed faced while the one on the right is a very angry face.

But what happened in between those two stages? And how the face of that person looked like before she became that angry? Here is the transitional stage you are looking for:

When a person starts to become angry the following happens:

  • 1) Eyebrows change their shape: By comparing the third picture with the first one (normal state) you can easily notice how the brows were lowered to come closer to the eye. In addition brows come closer together leaving less space between them when a person becomes angry. (see also The shape of eye brows in face reading)
  • 2) Tensing of lower lid: When a person becomes angry the lower lid tenses and wrinkles can sometimes be seen right below it. This is another sign that shows that a person is becoming angry
  • 3) Raising of the upper lids By comparing picture 1 with 3 you can easily notice that when the person becomes angry his upper lids move up even more (see also The face reading section)

More signs that show the presence of anger

By looking at the final stage of anger (picture 2) you can easily notice how the chin and lips changed their shape as well.

When a person becomes very angry his lips change their shape as shown in the picture. Lines start appearing around the lip as they get pressed together while the chin gets pushed forward.

To communicate smartly with people you need to spot the subtle signs of anger before they intensify then handle the person with your words before he reaches the final stages of anger.

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