5 small factors that affect your mood greatly

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How tiny factors affect your mood

In my previous articles about happiness i talked about achieving your goals, satisfying your unmet needs and many other core concepts that can help you become happy.

But just like there are major factors that contribute to your happiness levels there are also tiny ones that can affect your mood greatly!

Of course dealing with those tiny issues can't result in permanent happiness but certainly it can improve your mood a great deal and the good news is that this will happen instantly.

I said many times before that your current mood is the resultant of the all the problems and the issues you are currently facing. By getting rid of the small issues quickly you won't just improve your mood but you will become more aware of the big ones so that you can deal with them.

5 small factors that affect your mood greatly

So what are those tiny factors that can impact your mood?

  • 1) Your body temperature: Do you know that cold weather is more likely to make you scared and to make you more afraid of taking risks? On the other hand a very hot weather can make you irritated and more likely to get angry. In short putting your body temperature under monitor and changing your clothes accordingly can help a great deal
  • 2) The food you eat: One theory states that your emotions never change before your body's physical state changes. Do you remember how your stomach felt like the last time you were scared? The physical changes that happen to your body affect your mood and guess what, the wrong type of food can change your body's physical state completely! Eat healthy food and avoid the meals that could irritate your bowl (see also How can negative thinking affect your brain,mood and body
  • 3) The clothes you wear: I ran out several experiments and i discovered that work stress increases when you wear uniforms! In short the more comfortable the clothes you wear the less stressed you will get. I tried extremes as well such as working with pajamas and got impressive results. Make sure the clothes you wear are as comfortable as possible especially while working
  • 4) How you slept yesterday: Do you know that your ability to absorb bad news and stress is directly proportional to the quality of the sleep you get? If you slept well then the same stressful factors you get exposed to will affect you less provided that everything else is constant. No matter what you have to do just make sure you get enough sleep
  • 5) The negative messages you get exposed to: In my article How Negative words turn into negative beliefs i explained how getting exposed to negative messages in the news, TV or social networks can impact your mood greatly and reduce your happiness levels. Make sure to avoid negativity as much as you can and also try to get exposed to positivity whenever possible

Are there more factors

Certainly there are many more factors that can affect your mood and reduce your happiness levels. By learning how to keep an eye on your mood changes you will become aware of the things that impact your mood and you will be able to avoid them.

This is one of the reasons i launched optimistnet The First Social network for positivity and motivation. My aim behind that project was to help you get exposed to a positive newsfeed that improves your mood and motivates you.

Just as the negative messages you get exposed to can ruin your mood the positive ones can certainly improve it.

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