The connection between cold weather and fear

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How your perception changes with your mental state

Do you know that your perception of the world change according to your current emotional state?

In one study participants were shown some cards that had aggressive words written on them such as "rage", "anger", "vengeance"..etc

When an experimenter asked those people for help few minutes later they showed more aggressive response than those who were shown cards that had peaceful words.

This means that your current emotional state can affect the way you see the world. Lets suppose that you felt anxious because of an embarrassing situation, most probably you will keep feeling anxious for a short while even if you went to a completely different place that had nothing to do with what embarrassed you.

That's why shaking hands in a confident way for few seconds with a close friend before entering a public place can help you feel confident in that place. In this case the carried over state of confidence from your last encounter helped you feel confident in that new place.

The connection between cold weather and fear

It was found that people who weren't satisfied with the room temperature rated the people they just met as less attractive. In other words the unpleasant feelings you get from the undesired temperature makes you see people in a negative way.

Now what does this has to do with cold?
It was found that cold triggers the emotion of fear and makes you more vulnerable to negative thoughts.

Try to watch a horror movie in a hot room then watch another one in a cold room and see the difference yourself. If both movies were equably scary then the one seen in the cold room will scare you even more. (see also Why do people like horror movies)

So how can you use this advice in a good way?
if you are worried about something then make sure you wear heavy clothes else the cold bite might trigger your fears.

Perception Errors and falling in love

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you I have demonstrated how this effect can make people fall in love with others.

If you managed to take someone to a very exciting place or a place that triggers pleasant emotions then there is a great possibility that this person will believe that he experienced those emotions because you are around and as a result he might fall for you.

Even smells can have the same effect, one study have found that a man's smell might be more attractive to women than his looks. Again by using the right smell you can make yourself much more attractive to others.

In short, the human brain easily confuses the different signals it receives, make sure you keep an open eye so that you interpret reality correctly.

People who don't understand how others perceive physical attraction usually develop the imagined ugliness disorder.

The book The psychology of physical attraction explained was released by 2knowmyself. This book won't just help you understand how the attraction process happens but it will also help you discover how attractive you are and will assist you in getting over the imagined ugliness problem.

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