why do people like horror movies

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

why do people like horror movies

Why do people like horror movies?
Its quite logical that people like to see comedy movies or ones that put them in pleasant moods but why would someone like a scary movie that makes him feel terrified!

Why do some people like to see sadistic movies such as Saw where actors are literary tortured in front of their eyes?

To know the answer to this question just go ahead and read this post.

Scary movies, accidents and self confidence

Lets suppose that you were having a hard time at work and were going through a deep financial crisis. What will you feel like if you met a close friend who had a similar crisis?

Certainly you are going to feel that you are not alone! now what if you met another friend who lost his house and became homeless because of a worse financial crisis!

won't you feel that your problems are not that bad after all?
Such comparisons that the mind makes can make bad things appear less bad. If you were feeling bad because you had an injury somewhere in your body then there is a big possibility that you are going to feel better about yourself if you saw someone who lost a limb!

So what does this has to do with scary movies?
Unconsciously the minds of people compares their problems to the problems of the actors they see in the movie! Its as if the subconscious mind of the person watching a horror movie is telling him something like "Hey look, there are people out there who suffer more than us!"

People like scary movies because they make them feel good !

Even though people scream, shout or even cry during some scary movies they end up feeling better about themselves because of realizing that some people suffer more than them even if those people were imaginary. (see Why am i suffering)

In addition, the person watching a scary movies gets a self esteem boost because he believes that he is 100% safe while all the heroes in the movie are in danger! (see also Why do some people like horror stories)

Of course this happens on the unconscious level. Most people will never realize the connection between their preference for horror movies and the good feelings they experience as a result of watching them. (see How does the subconscious mind work)

I have said earlier that the subconsciousness mind can't tell the difference between a true and an imaginary experience, that's why movies can change our moods to a great extent even though we are 100% aware that they are not real.

Proving that i am good

Some people prefer horror movies for a different reason. They want to prove to themselves that they are brave and that they fear nothing. In the Solid Self confidence program i said that people always try to prove certain things true when they are not that sure of themselves.

A showy person shows off in most cases because he believes that people don't think that he is that good. In my article The connection between showing off and insecurity i also explained the same concept using another different example about the types of drivers you meet in the streets. People will try to challenge you to race with them only when they have doubts that they can win the race!

If they were 100% sure that they can win the race then they would have never thought about challenging you.

In short, no one reason can explain why people like horror movies as each person can have his own personal reason but in the end all reasons can be grouped under one main goal, the desire to feel good about one's self.

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