5 surprising psychological facts you would want to know

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The power of psychology

The more i read about psychology the more powerful i become. The ability to read people, know what they think about , help them out and understand them better can be acquired through continues reading.

I am really surprised by the people who read the manuals of the Iphone, their favorite tablet and their computers but never remember to read their own manual!

Most of the bad emotions you suffer from can be rooted to one main cause which is your inability to take the right action to resolve that bad mood. Without proper information about the way your mind operates you will never be able to get over these bad moods.

For that reason and for many others i keep posting information about the self understanding topic almost everyday. Today i have for you 5 surprising but very useful studies that can help you understand yourself and others even more.

5 surprising psychological facts you would want to know

  • 1) Drive a Ferrari for more testosterone: Testosterone enhances the mood, increase risk taking behavior and makes a man feel more powerful. When men win any challenge their testosterone levels rise. A study found that when a man drives any high status car he experiences a social status victory mood which raises his testosterone levels!
  • 2) Sense of humor is a very good indicator of intelligence: The funnier a person is the smarter he is! For the first instance this study might not sound logical but when you get to know that making people laugh involves understating what to say, when to say it , what will appeal to certain people and what wont you will quickly realize that the sense of humor can be a very good indicator of a person's intelligence. (see also The psychology of jokes)
  • 3) People buy dogs that look like them: No don't don't get me wrong, you don't look like your dog but your personalities are very similar. A stubborn but intelligent man might like a husky because it resembles him. Everything we buy is an extension to our personalities and this includes the dogs we own throughout our lives (see also Why do we like certain things)
  • 4) Women are more likley to give their numbers to men with dogs: A study was carried out to find whether being accompanied by a dog can affect the response you get from women or not and the result was surprising. Men who walked with dogs had a much higher chance of getting a woman's phone number. Women are biologically wired to look for men who can carry responsibility and because owning a dog requires a lot of emotional investment women rate the man who has a dog as more attractive (see also Why being cocky attracts women).
  • 5) Women change their preference for physical looks throughout the month: on the beginning of a month a man will find some women attractive, in the middle of the month he will find the same ones attractive and the same goes for the end of the month. Women on the other hand change their preference for physical looks throughout their menstrual cycle. When women are the most fertile they prefer men with masculine faces and built but during other phases of the cycle they prefer the nurturing man who don't look that threatening. (see more details Here)

A bonus study

Do you know that you could be suffering from sleeping problems because you drink coffee in the morning??

Most people know that caffeine can prevent them from sleeping if consumed at night but a recent study found that caffeine has an extended reach that could prevent people from sleeping well even if they only drank it in the morning.

Cut off coffee consumption for few days and watch for your improved sleeping pattern.

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