Why being cocky attracts women

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Cocky but funny

No one likes arrogant people especially when they treat us badly but what about people who are cocky in a funny way?

What about over confident people who crack jokes and interact with others in a funny way?
Studies have found that women get attracted to men who are cocky and in the same time funny.

In other words the man who stands on the line that separates arrogance from over confidence was rated as the most attractive by women. (see also 5 things that attract women)

Why being cocky attracts women

Before you can understand how women rate the attractiveness of men you first need to know how their brains work.

Women want protection and want to feel secure. That's a biological desire that they are born with. (see also What women look for in men)

In my book How attraction works i said that when a woman meets a potential partner she will quickly asses his ability to provide security and protection. Women were designed that way so that they pick the man who can take care of the family the most.

Women collect the messages that men send through all possible channels. If a man was found to be rich or ambitious then the woman will believe that he can be a good protector. (see also Does money attract women)

If a man was found to be tall then a woman might believe that he is a good protector as well. (see also Do short men have any chance)

If a man was found to be confident and a natural leader then the woman will also assume that he can provide protection.

Is it becoming clear now?
A confident man will most likely be able to take good care of the family, at least that's how women were designed to think. That's why women love cocky men.

Why the but funny part

If a person was cocky but distant and unfriendly then people will automatically hate him. No one wants to feel rejected or unloved and that's why the cocky but funny man is considered very attractive to women.

Here is how to use these tips to attract women:
If you earn a lot of money then joke about your earnings in a cocky way
if you are ambitious then joke about your ambition

Just find the quality that will make a woman believe that you are a good provider then show her that you have it in a funny way.

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