how hormonal changes affect females preferences for men

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why you need more than one strategy to attract women

Unlike men, women's preferences for males changes according to the stage they are going through in their menstrual cycle.

This means that what a certain woman finds attractive during a certain day of the month is subject to major changes during other days of the same month!

During the time when women are most fertile (at ovulation) they get attracted to men who look more masculine. wide jaws, prominent cheek bones and a masculine angry look is found to be much more attractive to a woman when she is most fertile. (see also Why women like bad boys)

During that time a woman assumes that the man who is more masculine can be a better father for her off springs. It was found that women who are married to men who have feminine facial features are more likely to cheat during the times when they are the most fertile.

At other stages of the cycle women look for intimacy and that's why they become attracted to men who seem kind and friendly or in other words, those who have more feminine facial features.

This is why it makes a lot of sense to change the way you deal with a woman based on the stage of the menstrual cycle she is going through!

how hormonal changes affect females preferences for men

Women respond to different cues across many domains when assessing a man's attractiveness. That's why even if you don't have the facial features a woman is looking for during a certain stage of her menstrual cycle you can still send her the same message using a different channel. (see What turns women on).

For example, if you don't have the tough masculine look you can still make a woman think that you are more masculine than others by acting in a more masculine way.

During the time when a woman is ovulating she will get more attracted to the bad boy type. Being assertive, confident, less needy and more in control will make your woman become more attracted to you during that time. (see How to become a bad boy without being bad)

During other stages of the cycle you should work on being more of a good listener, more caring and friendlier than you were during the time the woman was ovulating.

If you managed to change the way you deal with your woman during the different stages of her menstrual cycle then she will become much more attached to you. (see also How to not get attached to a person)

Unmet needs and falling in love

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i explained how people fall in love with those who can satisfy their important unmet needs.

Just as you saw women's needs do change throughout the month because of the effect hormones have on their brains.

The unmet needs people have are not constant and they change as they keeping growing and learning. An overwhelming experience that a person goes through might change his unmet needs and in turn his preferences for physcial attraction. (see also Why do people perceive physical attractiveness differently

The key to making a person get attached to you is understanding his unmet needs perfectly and working on helping him satisfy them.

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