How to not get attached to a person

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why you should learn how to not get attached to a certain person

Sometimes you might discover that it won't be good for you to get attached to a certain person because of a powerful reason. In such a case it would be great if you learned how to not get attached to that person so that you don't suffer later on.

Even when you are trying to attract a person that you like, it would be very wise not to let yourself get too attached to that person for two reasons, the first is that the more emotional you will become the more likely you are going to do mistakes and the second is that you will suffer more if it didn't work if you got too attached.

In short, in all cases its always a great idea to learn how to prevent yourself from getting too attached to a person in early stages of a relationship.

How to not get attached to a person

Here is why attachment happens and how you can stop it:

  • 1) Fantasies: When you start fantasizing about a person your mind gets attached to these fantasies. The more you visualize your future life together the more you will become attached to that person you like. Just make sure you never visualize the beautiful future before you make sure that this person likes you. (see also How to make someone want you)
  • 2) Thinking about him: The more you think about being with a person the more will you become attached to him. Even if you weren't that interested in a person and you decided to make him like you there is a big possibility that you will become attached to him as a result of thinking about him more often. I have said earlier in my article how to attract someone who is not interested in you that the key to attract a person is to let him think about you more often by confusing him.
  • 3) Getting approval from friends: One of the things that can make you much more attached to a person is getting approval from your friends. Once your friends acknowledge that the person you are after is great you are going to become much more attached to him. If you want to prevent this attachment from happening then make sure you keep these matters private until you make sure you are going to succeed in attracting that person (see also How can friends affect your life)
  • 4) Talking about that person: The more you talk about the person the more you will become attached to him. In my article Subconscious mind programing i said that the mind gets programmed by suggestions and one powerful form of these suggestions is repeating your beliefs in front of others. The more you talk about that person the more you will become attached to him
  • 5) Forgetting about the other options: The worst mistake people do when they like someone is that they never remind themselves of the fact of the presence of other options out there. The more you think about one person while excluding all other options the more you will become attached to him. Just keep reminding yourself that the person you are after is not the best in the world and that there are better people out there even if you didn't meet them yet! (see also 10 ways to get over a breakup fast)

When you should allow yourself to get attached

Once you make sure that the other person likes you or when you make sure that its gonna work then you can allow yourself to get attached.

If you did that earlier you might suffer from a bad breakup. Its very wise to know when you should push the brakes and when you should go with the flow.

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