How to make someone like you

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to make someone like you

Contrary to common beliefs love can be created in the lab.
This means that you can intentionally attract someone to you, make him like you and even make him fall in love with you by doing the right set of actions.

Before you can make someone like you attracting his attention is a must. You must show that person by any means that you are different than the rest of the people he currently knows. Do something that shows that you are different and in the same time desirable.

For example, talk about some of your great qualities indirectly then Let some common friends talk about you positively in your absence, according to social proof theory this will increase your likability.

If you didn't manage to do so then just do anything special, walk differently, talk differently or take any action that can't be easily forgotten.

Your goal in step one is to not make the person like you but you just need to let him remember you, in short you just need to catch his attention.

No ones likes rejection

Right after catching the person's attention and getting to know him you should shower him with attention and compliments. Don't be direct at all, don't let him think that you like him but instead send him mixed signals that confuses him.

Don't show him that you are needy and don't be clear about your emotions but instead give him equations that cannot be solved. Let his mind wander about you without ever being able to reach a destination. Always allow a missing variable to be present so that you trigger his thoughts.

Compliment the things he isn't sure of not the things he is confident about. For example if a girl is very beautiful then most probably she knows that already and that lots of other people told her the same thing before so instead compliment the areas she is unsure about.

Everyone likes to be supported and encouraged and this will let the person become a little attached to you. At this point you should withdraw, stop giving the person attention and minimize your contact with him.

The person you are trying to attract will consider this loss of attention as a form of rejection and since nobody likes rejection he might start chasing you !!

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that your goal should be turning things around, instead of desperately chasing the person you like you should keep sending mixed signals until you force him to chase you.

Turn this little interest into love

At this point use social proof to make that person become more attached to you. Send more common friends to talk about you in a great way.

Start displaying your best qualities one by one in front of that person. Your best qualities aren't the ones you like the most about yourself but they are the ones your target lacks the most. If your target is very shy then self confidence might impress him and so on. (see How to impress someone)

If your target started to lose hope give it back to him once again by showing him some attention and as soon as he starts to believe that you like him withdraw once again.

Under the pressure of these mixed actions the target will be thinking about you most of the time and wondering why you are doing so, at this point he will become more and more attached to you and so you can tell him that you like him.

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