How to become a bad boy without being bad

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do women get attracted to bad boys

In my previous article Reaons why women get attracted to bad boys i said that women associate the traits of a typical bad boy with masculinity and confidence.

Just like men are biologically wired to get attracted to beauty women are biologically wired to get attracted to masculinity and confidence. (see also What attracts men)

The question now is, how to become a bad boy without really being bad?
How to be more attractive to women without being abusive?

This is the question i am going to answer in this article.

how to become a bad boy without being really bad

  • 1) Be cocky in a funny way: Contrary to common beliefs being cocky will make you more attractive to women however its important to have some sense of humor not to turn them off. Talk about yourself , be proud of who you are and dare to tell women about your great achievements.
  • 2) Don't be needy: Women like bad boys because they represent a challenge. They are usually hard to get and that's why many women who seek a self esteem boost go for them. When you become needy you spoil the game and end all of the excitement the woman previously had. Be mysterious and don't be pushy. If a woman ignored you don't ever chase her but just ignore her as well.
  • 3) Break the rules in a good way: Most people live according to the rules others created without daring to question them. Dare to break the rules that imprison people as long as breaking them results in harming no body. Dare to be different and to follow your own rules
  • 4) Don't give any weight to the opinion of others: Again this doesn't mean that you should offend people or violate their rights but instead you must do whatever you want without being afraid of criticism (see Why criticism is so hard to take)
  • 5) Be Assertive and say no: Don't agree with your woman on everything. Disagree when you believe that you are right. Say no without giving explanations when you don't feel like doing something. Stand up for your rights and be clear when you ask for them (see also Assertiveness explained)
  • 6) Lead the way: Women hate followers and they prefer leaders. This is another reason why nice guys turn women off. If you want to become a real bad boy then you must be a leader. Don't keep asking your woman about the place she prefers to go to or the day she would like to see you at but instead take the lead (see What turns women on)
  • 7) Be confident: Get over your shyness, get rid of your worries and become confident. Talk confidently, walk confidently and let every action that you do reflect your confidence. Self confidence makes men irresistible to women.

Why nice guys finish last

Women interpret the actions of nice guys as signs of weakness. They believe that being needy, shy and not in control are all signs of weaknesses. (see also How to be strong in life)

You don't have to treat women badly in order not to be considered a nice guy but you just need to stick to the 7 points listed above and you will be regarded as a bad boy even if you are a real nice guy.

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