Being mysterious is good

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Being mysterious is a good thing

This article is part II of my article why being mysterious works. In the previous article i said that attraction turns into passion when a person starts thinking about you more often and i said that being mysterious forces people to think about you more often because the human mind always loves to fill the missing gaps.

Do you know that not being mysterious can result in letting people find you less attractive?

I know this sounds strange so read this article to know how being mysterious can help you become more successful with the opposite sex. (see also Feeling anxious around the opposite sex)

Why you need to be mysterious at least in the beginning

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you I said that people fall in love with those who meet their subconscious mind criteria or the list that was formed over the years that determines how their potential partner should be like.

Sometimes a single personality trait can turn off a person completely if it violated the most important criteria in his subconscious love list. For example if a girl was raised by a cold father then most likely her list will include an item such as "he must be warm" and there is a big possibility that a cold man will turn her off.

Now because you will never manage to guess a person's subconscious criteria from the first few meetings its so dangerous to start revealing all of your personality traits without knowing what might attract him and what might turn him off. (see How to attract someone)

And here is where being mysterious comes into play!

How to be mysterious

In such a case you will reveal only universally agreed upon traits in the beginning until you know more information about the person.

For example you can spend your first few meetings showing nothing more than that you are confident, positive and funny. No one ever will be turned off if he saw these traits and that's why its always advised to reveal them in the first few meetings.

While doing that you should be collecting information about the person you are interested in so that you can start revealing the personality traits that will appeal to him the most.

Don't get being mysterious wrong

After writing part one of this article a reader sent me a question telling me that she knows many mysterious people who are not attractive to her.

My reply was: Being mysterious is not a secret formula that can make you attractive to anyone but certainly its one of the most important elements in the attraction puzzle.

This means that there are tens of factors that could make a person attractive and one of them is being mysterious the way its described in this article.

I have wrote dozens of articles about attraction and so by reading the rest of them you will be able to see the full picture that will enable you to understand attraction perfectly.

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