Psychology of attraction proximity

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Psychology of attraction proximity

What does physical proximity has to do with the Psychology of attraction?

Research has shown that Physical proximity plays a very important role in promoting attraction. It was found that most people tend to become attracted to people who live near by them.

According to the psychology of attraction physical proximity increases the attractiveness of a person as a result of the continues exposure that happens. A theory called the mere exposure effect states that people tend to become attracted to a novel stimuli if it was repeated over and over again.

In this article i will tell you how physical proximity affects the Psychology of attraction.

Physical proximity and The Psychology of attraction

I am sure you once saw a very attractive person who caught your attention while passing by your car then you never saw him again. Why do most people forget about that very attractive person few days later?

Simply because they never see that person again. If the stimuli wasn't reinforced we tend to forget about it even if we liked it.

Now what physical proximity does is that it ensures that continues exposure keeps happening until attraction intensifies.

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that physical proximity on its own doesn't cause attraction because if you happened to often see a person that you dislike you will only dislike him more. In order for attraction to happen physical proximity must be accompanied with a positive stimuli.

Physical proximity, Similarity and the psychology of attraction

According to the psychology of attraction people tend to become attracted to those who are similar to them. Yes people do become attracted to those who have complementary personality traits but some similarity is also needed in order for attraction to happen. (see do likes attract)

So what does this has to do with physical proximity?
People like those who are similar to them because similarity creates familiarity which makes the person feel comfortable. If you saw an apple anywhere in the world you will feel comfortable eating it but if you saw strange looking blue food you might not feel comfortable at all trying it.

Physical proximity makes people become familiar with each other and thus increase the chance of attraction.

Physical Proximity and similarity are just two sides of the many sides the psychology of attraction has. Both can certainly increase the chance of attraction but on their own they might not do anything unless other factors are brought into consideration.

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