do people get attracted to those who are as physically attractive as them

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

do people get attracted to those who are as physically attractive as them

Do people get attracted to the ones who are as physically attractive as them?
There is a very popular study that says that people tend to get attracted to those who are as attractive as them.

Before i can comment on this study or say whether it makes any sense or not i have first to introduce you to certain facts about the psychology of attraction.

Few facts about the psychology of attraction

  • 1) Women can sacrifice physical beauty for resources: Another study has shown that most women would sacrifice physical attractiveness for resources. Most women will tell you that they want an attractive man not a famous billionaire but when the billionaire approaches them you will find them doing the exact opposite of what they said. (see also Does money attract women)
  • 2) Many people like those who are more attractive than them: Just notice how people are mad about celebrities and you will quickly realize that many people get attracted to those who are much more attractive than them. (see also 5 things you should know about attractiveness perception)
  • 3) Some people have self image problems: A large number of attractive people don't even think that they are attractive and thus they don't really know whether people find them attractive or not. In such a case the choice of a partner can be affected by this fact. Those people might believe that attractive ones won't like them and so go for less attractive ones (see Self image problems causes)
  • 4) Confident men aim for attractive women: One study showed that the more confident a man is the more likely he is to go after an attractive woman even if he had average looks. In other words, the more confident a person is the more he believes he deserves to be with an attractive person with disregard to his looks
  • 5) People with low self esteem aim for less attractive targets: Another study has shown that people with lower self esteem aim for less attractive targets with disregard to their own looks. This means that an attractive person could aim for a less attractive one just because of believing that he can't do better
  • 6) Perceived peer pressure: The perceived peer pressure affects partner choice to a great extent. Many people find others attractive but they don't go for them because of peer pressure. People who are highly influenced by their friends are very likely to dump someone just because of believing that he wont appeal to their friends. In other words, they are afraid to be judged as incompetent if they got into a relationship with someone who is not that attractive according to their friends' point of view (see also How your friends affect your life)

Do likes attract?

Likes do attract but people don't have to end up with those who are as physically attractive as them. The study mentioned in the beginning of this article didn't take into consideration the 6 points mentioned above and that's why it won't make any sense in many cases.

Of course similarity leads to attraction but this similarity can be spotted along different domains and not just the physical attractiveness domain. (see also Do likes attract).

In addition, people judge physical attractiveness differently because of the experiences they have been through. As a result a person could think that someone is attractive while another one could find him much less attractive. (see also Why do people perceive physical attractvines differently)

The conclusion is, this study makes no sense at all.

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