Does smiling make you more attractive?

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Does smiling make you more attractive

A recent study has shown that women rated happy men or men who smile often as less attractive than men who looked proud and arrogant!

For the first instance this might seem like a fact that contradicts what previous research came up with. We have all heard that a sense of humor makes a person much more attractive so how come can a smile make someone less attractive?

How men and women perceive a smile

The same study showed that men found women who smile to be more attractive then women who looked proud. The reason the perception of the smile differed from men to women is that smiling can be interpreted as a sign of submission and because men prefer women who submit to them they found smiling women more attractive. (see also Why do people perceive physical attractiveness differently)

Women on the other hand prefer the man with the higher power and status. This is why the man with a proud and arrogant look appears much more attractive to women.

Men who display the angry look appear more dominant and in control, two traits that women always look for in men.

So what about the sense of humor?

It was found that men who joke in a proud or cocky way appear much more attractive to women than other men.

Women find proud looking men more attractive and in the same time they want a man who has a good sense of humor that's why combining both arrogance and the sense of humor together brings the best results.

Should i smile more?

If you are a woman know that you will appear more attractive if you smiled more often while if you are a man then know that a proud look will give you a much more attractive look.

However there is an exception to the rule, Many women out there don't have enough self esteem and that's why an angry look or an unfriendly approach might scare them. In such a case a smile can be used to comfort those women.

If you are a man then you should smile less often during the first meeting or the first encounter but later on after you make sure you displayed the right status you can smile more often.

If you are a women then smile more often. women who had a proud look were rated as a the least attractive by most men.

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