Different strategies for attracting people to you

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Different strategies for attracting people to you

There are several ways to attract people to you and to make them fall in love with you however most of them fall under two major categories.

The first is attempting to attract a person who doesn't know that you like him and the second is attempting to attract a person who already knows that you like him.

In my previous article Why being mysterious works i said that its much better to do your best to attract a person before telling him that you like him simply because the more mysterious you appear to be the more you will tempt your target to think about you and the more he will become attached to you. (see The secret to attracting love)

Now in some cases you might be forced to blow your cover a bit early before you attract the person and that's why i decided to write this article to tell what you should do in case you had to reveal your intentions before the right time.

Attracting someone who knows that you like him

After a person knows that you like him he will either get into a relationship with you or he will either back off. I am assuming of course that this person decided to back off after you told him that you like him.

The first thing you need to do is to ask that person to be a normal friend. And after he agrees you should never bring the relationship subject again. What we are trying to do here is to let that person put his defenses down again so that we can sneak unnoticed.

During that time give that person all the care he needs (but as a friend), stand beside him in his down times without declaring any of your emotions and keep contacting him on regular basis everyday.

After some time that person will start to get addicted to the care and nurturing you are providing him with and this is the point where you should pull back. (see also How to make someone addicted to you)

If you found him chasing you then know that you have already managed to attract him to you a little bit and all what's left now is to increase the intensity of attraction.

How to intensify the attraction levels

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that the best way to intensify attraction levels is to disappear when a person needs you the most and to come back whenever he is about to give up on you or to lose interest. (see also Attracting someone who is not interested)

During that same time you should use your common friends to program the mind of your target by letting them speak about you in a good way in your absence. The more they say your name and mention your good traits the more will your target feel like he lost a treasure. (see also Subconscious mind programming)

Now if the subconscious programming was done alone while you were already available then your target will not think about you that much because of feeling that he can get you anytime, however, if people started mentioning how good you are while you became mysterious and not as available as before then your target might start going after you once again.

If it happened that your target didn't try to go after you then repeat the process once again. Get closer to him again, try to make him used to your presence once again then disappear all of a sudden when you feel that he is becoming attached to you.

This technique will provide you with a great chance to make that person who rejected you earlier go after you.

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