why do we find certain things interesting

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

why do we find certain things interesting

Why do we find certain things interesting? And why do we get bored of other things?
Why can a person get bored of something that is completely interesting to someone else?

Why can a person yawn while watching a movie that his friends is very excited about?

We all know that people are different and that each person has his unique way of seeing the world but what is the factor that determines the level of interest a person develops in something?

3 reasons we find certain things interesting

Below are the factors that affect the level of interest of a person in something:

  • 1) Resonance: People get interested in the things that resonates with their inner world. That's why the people who are in love like to listen to romantic songs and that's the same reason why funny people like comedy movies. People also get interested in the things that resonates with their beliefs. If a certain song or a movie reaffirmed a certain belief that a person believes in then there is a very big possibility that he will become interested in it. Its also worth to mention that friends usually share the same interests and the same beliefs about the things that concerns them the most (see Why do some people like depressing music & The psychology of music)
  • 2) Common concerns: People become extreemly interested to hear stories from people who shared their same experiences. Right after i got my back injury i became very interested in any story that mentioned back injuries. My subconscious mind made me interested in such stories because it knows that i might find a piece of useful information if i listened to them. People also become interested in such stories because they remind them of the fact that they are not alone
  • 3) Unmet needs: Each and every person has certain unmet needs and based on them he finds certain things interesting and other things boring. As a general rule anything that brings the person closer to satisfying one of his important unmet needs will be considered interesting.

    That's why a person who hates being single will hate to stay at home or to watch television. Instead that person will become more interested in browsing social media websites and hanging out. In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that people fall in love with the ones who help them satisfy their important unmet needs. This explains why we find certain people interesting and others boring

Why do certain things become popular

Now the question is, why do certain things become popular??
Yesterday i shared a photo on facebook that became popular so quickly. Here is it:

This simple joke demonstrated how the media changes the picture of Muslims and makes them look like terrorists. Since most of the people who are on my personal facebook are Muslims (i live in Egypt) they quickly shared the photo because it helped them satisfy one of their unmet needs.

They all know that they are not terrorists yet they know that many people think that they are. Now sharing that picture provided them with the feeling that someone is supporting them out there.

This is why certain things become popular. When anything helps a group of people satisfy one important unmet need then this group of people will make that thing popular.

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