What turns a woman off

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What turns a woman off

When i searched for the phrase "what turns women off" i was surprised because i found tips such as be clean, watch out for your breath and don't say bad words!!

While its true that cleanliness is important for women and that bad words are a turn off still its a waste of your precious time to read about things that a 10 year old child can guess.

There are certain psychological factors that turn women off, those are the ones that i am going to talk about in this article.

5 things that turn a woman off

  • 1) Being needy: Being needy turns everyone off and not just women. The more available something is the less desirable it becomes. In my article why being mysterious works i explained how confusing a person about your intentions can make him become much more attached to you. The less needy you appear to be the more attractive you will become to women
  • 2) Being a nice guy: Research has shown that nice guys turn most women off. Women want a man who can make them excited, who teases them and challenges them in a good way. The more predictable a person is the more boring he becomes. Nice guys are so predictable and that's one of the main reasons they turn women off. Research has also shown that women get attracted to bad boys who are cocky in a funny way, who are a bit dangerous and who are not by any means predictable
  • 3) Always Being available: If you are always available and you rarely have something else to do other than seeing your woman then she will start to think that you don't have a life. Being overly available is a great turn off for both men and women. People want to feel that they are with a busy and important person who gives them his precious time instead of someone who finds nothing else to do other than being with them (see also How can you attract someone you like)
  • 4)Not taking the lead: Women like men who take the lead and who are in control. Even controlling women might in some cases want a man who takes the lead. If you made the woman feel that are not in control and that you are obeying all of her wishes instead of taking the lead then you will turn her off
  • 5)Not understanding her well: Each person has a different psychological makeup. This means that for each woman there will be certain specific traits that turn her off. In order to know more about them you need to collect more information about that specific woman. For example a certain woman might like overly romantic guys while another woman might find that guy a turn off. Understand the woman you are trying to attract in order to get the best results

What to do in early stages?

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that the best thing you can do in an early stage is to talk less and to collect as much information as you can. Be confident, use humor and remain mysterious until you find out the information you are looking for.

Once you find out more about the woman's background you can then start to use the information you collected to attract her. Many people make the mistake of trying to attract others without first collecting information about them and that's why they mistakenly turn their targets off.

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