How negative words turn into negative beliefs

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Belief Formation Rules

In my previous article How Words affect your brain I said that the continues messages you keep getting exposed to determine who you become. In this Article i will give more detailed explanation about the way those message shape your mind.

What will happen if you gave a child an orange and told him that its a banana?
There are two possibilities. If that child have seen an orange and a banana before more than once then most probably he will realize that you made a mistake.

Now what if you did the same to a toddler who has never seen an orange or a banana before? Most probably he will believe you!

In other words, beliefs are formed when we get suggestions that doesn't contradict any of our existing beliefs. Of course a belief might not be formed after one suggestion but when message is repeated over and over its more likely to become a belief. (see also Subconscious mind programming)

How negative words turn into negative beliefs

Now what if i told you that you are no good? Will you believe me?
In such case you might not believe me right away but my words will reside in your mind until they are verified. Now what if 2 days later you failed at something? Isn't that event going to make my words sound more logical to your subconscious mind?

Now what if few hours later someone treated you in a bad way. Won't that message confirm the words i said?

Do you know what might happen as a result? My simple words will turn into a solid belief in your mind then you will start seeing the world from a totally different angle. In my article How your beliefs and concerns affect your perception i said that we see the world according to our beliefs.

Each event that happens to us is given a certain meaning based on our beliefs. After a rejection a confident person won't get affected because he has strong beliefs but a person with low confidence will develop so many self doubts.

See what one negative message did!!

All of that scenario happened because of one negative message. Now how many negative messages you get exposed to everyday??
How many people tell you that your dreams can't be reached?
How many people put you down?

Can you imagine the type of damage that can happen to your belief system as a result?
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Just as getting exposed to negative messages can result in the formation of negative beliefs getting exposed to positive messages can help you develop positive ones as well.

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