How to get out of a bad mood

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do bad moods happen

So many people think that bad moods happen for no reason while in fact emotions are messages that your mind uses to help you reach certain important goals in its agenda. The main reason so many people fail to deal with their bad moods is that don't have enough self understanding.

If emotions are there to serve a certain purpose and to help you live a better life then you will only be able to get rid of them if you understood that purpose well.

Few days ago i got an email from a reader who told me that she has a shyness problem. Because she was looking at shyness as a mysterious emotion she never managed to get over it but after we talked she discovered that her shyness was her mind's own way of hiding her flaws from others.

Because her self esteem wasn't high she believed that something was wrong with her and as a result her mind didn't want anybody to find that thing so it always made her feel shy around strangers.

How to get out of a bad mood

The first thing you need to put in mind when trying to understand a bad mood is knowing that your bad mood is the result of so many factors that interacted together and not just one factor.

If for example you got bad grades then felt bad then you won't have any problem understanding why you are feeling bad but because bad moods result from the combination of more than one event people lose track and believe they are getting bad moods for no reason. (see also Why do my emotions change so fast)

In fact any unsolved problem, even a one that was around for years, might actually be contributing to your bad mood right now. If for example you wanted to lose weight 3 month ago then you gave up on the idea then your current mood would contain some guilt and disappointment even if you are not aware of their presence. (see also How to change your emotions)

Now imagine how would you feel like when you add 10 problems from the past, 3 unpleasant events from today and five worries from the future. The result would be a bad mood that can't be understood.

How to get over bad moods for good

So how can you get over bad moods?

first of all you need to make a list of the problems you are currently facing including the ones you are ignoring. Next you need to start solving the ones that you could solve or just work on a solution.

The good news is that once you believe that any of your problems is going to be solved, because of your plans, then you will feel better even if you still have other ones.

As you keep solving more problems your mood will keep rising until you will feel happy.

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