Why do my emotions change so fast

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What happened! I was happy moments ago!

You were feeling good or at least not feeling bad then suddenly and without prior notices your mood changed completely. Did that ever happen to you?

Those kinds of mood swings are so common that its impossible for a normal human being not to experience them. For the first instance those mood swings might seem like a mysterious event because they can't be explained but when you learn how to analyze what's going on you will no longer wonder.

In many of my previous articles i explained how important it is to learn how to consciously monitor the thoughts that fly in your mind for they can provide a clue on most of the emotional changes you experience.

In this article i will tell you how your thoughts and your enviroment interact together to change your mood so that you can become more in control of those mood swings.

why do my emotions change so fast

There are three main factors that interact together to change your mood at any given time, here they are:

  • 1) External data: You were on your way home feeling good then suddenly saw something that reminded you of the 1000$ you have to pay in a week and so you felt a bit worse. Each day you receive millions of bits of information through your different senses. Some of these bits can't just spoil your day but they can make you feel horrible if you didn't interpret them correctly and this takes us to the next point

  • 2) The meaning you give to the data: If in the previous example you said to yourself something like "I will invest those 1000$ and get 1500$ in return few month later" then this piece of information won't make you feel bad but on the contrary it will make you feel better. In other words, what's more important than the data you are receiving is the meaning you give to it
  • 3) Thoughts that come from within: Sometimes a flying thought just passes by into your head even if nothing in the external world reminded you of it. Those are sometimes called automatic negative thoughts. Such negative thoughts come from within because of the existence of negative beliefs. Just like rotten food emits a bad smell your negative beliefs result in so many negative thoughts

How can these mood swings be stopped?

Just as you saw a combination of those 3 factors can change your mood from total happiness to extreme sadness in just few minutes. In order to prevent those factors from ruining your mood you must stick to the following tips whenever possible:

  • 1) Learn to think consciously: Many of the negative thoughts visit you while you are consciously focused on something else. In other words, in so many cases you might not even notice the thought that triggered the mood change and thus end up feeling bad without knowing why. The first step in preventing those mood changes is to keep an eye on the thoughts that pass through your mind
  • 2) How to handle a negative thought: Once you get a negative thought and become aware of it you need to handle it properly because if you didn't it will be added to the pile of negative thoughts and ruin your mood. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that the best way to handle those thoughts is to write them down then consciously think of possible ways of ending the problems causing them. Lets suppose you felt bad because you discovered that you have gained weight recently. In such a way unless you take a vow to exercise or reduce your food intake then your mood will change to the worse
  • 3) Get rid of the negative beliefs: The presence of one negative belief can release hundreds of negative thoughts per day! Now how many negative beliefs do you have? Did you try to deal with them? Do you have a plan to change them? Even if the external enviroment didn't send you unpleasant reminders your negative beliefs can still ruin your mood as a result of the negative thoughts they emit

To summarize all of this article in one line: Don't let a negative thought pass by unchecked and if you found that its resulting from an important problem you are facing then you need to find a quick solution to calm your mind down else your mood will swing.

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