How to turn sadness into happiness

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Feeling bad? Its OK

I Still remember how i felt that day when i got news that the stock market, which i was heavily invested in, is crashing. Since 2005 i was passionate about becoming a professional stock market investor. I made some good money in the first year and as a result i started investing more and more of my savings.

By 2007 all the cash i had was in the stock market in addition to the amounts i collected from friends and relatives. But when 2008 came and the housing crisis happened i didn't just lose my money but i also lost my dreams and the faith i had in myself.

For one complete year i watched my savings shrink everyday by the falling stock market until only 20% of them was left. I got severely depressed, i couldn't work on my projects and i felt like this was the end.

How to turn sadness into happiness

In 2008 i took a tough decision. I gave up upon the dream of becoming a professional investor and i decided to collect my remaining power to work on

I still remember how i used to feel during those days. I was sad, unhappy, dissatisfied with my life, didn't have hope for the future and depressed.

But there was one thing i was doing during that time that later saved me, i was moving and i never stopped!

Even though i was feeling horrible i just kept moving forward. I kept starting new projects, thinking about new ideas and developing the ones i already had.

After one year of hard work hope shined again when 2knowmyself started getting more than half a million page view a month. within months i gained back all the money i lost in the stock market from the website and my pain was over. (see also my book The ultimate guide to making money from the internet)

I started feeling happy like i never felt before, the depression disappeared and my life became good once again.

Lessons to learn from this story

  • 1) Drag your pain behind you and keep moving: Success in life is not about moving forward when you feel like it but its all about dragging your pain behind you and going forward until things get better (see also How to end procrastinatin)
  • 2) There only one person who can save you: No matter how bad your life is and no matter how hard things are no one on earth will be able to help you out except you, Stand up and fight, this is how your destiny can be changed
  • 3) If you stop you will die: If i did nothing to change my life back then and if i waited for things to improve then i would have certainly been living a miserable life now. Nothing would have changed, my depression would have been worse and my life would have certainly been ruined.

Stand up and fight. This is how sadness can be turned into happiness.

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