How your physical state affects your mood

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The connection between your body and mood

Yesterday i had piles of work to finish. By the end of the day i was so exhausted to do anything and i also noticed something weird. In the beginning of the day i was feeling really good and excited but as i went to bed, i started thinking negatively, i felt very so vulnerable and i became pessimistic.

This was very strange as nothing bad happened throughout the day to change my mood.In fact the day was full of good news and this was the moment when i realized the extent with which the physical state of the body can affect the emotions.

When this happened to me i quickly remembered something related that happened three days ago. I was feeling OK then i went to the gym. During that day i exercised very well that i got out of the gym with a totally different mood. However i noticed that i felt extremely happy throughout the day until i woke up the next day.

This time it was also the physical state of my body that changed my mood to that extent.

How your physical state affects your mood

A new research that was recently released have made new claims about the way emotions change. Previously people believed that a change in your emotions changes your physical state but this research has shown that the changes in the physical state happen first and as a result your emotions change!

Do you know what does this mean?
It means that if you didn't pay attention to your physical state you will actually be risking your good mood.

Do you remember how you felt like the last time you had a cold?
Apart from feeling tired didn't you notice that your mood wasn't exactly the same as when you were fine? Its because the changes to your physical body has affected your mood and forced you to think in a different way.

How can you protect you prevent your mood from going down?

Now that you know the relationship between the mood and the physical state it makes a lot of sense to learn how to prevent your body from making you feel bad. Here are few easy tips that you can apply now:

  • 1) Don't reach the state of mental exhaustion: Do you remember the last time you started feeling really tired and refused to take a break? Am sure that after you were done you weren't feeling good at all. When you reach mental exhaustion your hormones will get disturbed and your mood will change to the worse
  • 2) Sleep well: I know you were told this advice tens of times but this time i am talking about its effect on your mood. If you didn't get enough sleep you will wake up feeling irritated, your mood will be more likley to swing and your chance of having a bad day will become much higher
  • 3) Exercise!: No, not to lose weight or be healthy but to feel good! People who exercise regularly are less likley to get depressed, are better at handling stress and are usually happier than those who don't

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