Facial expressions and emotions

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Facial expressions and emotions

A recent research has shown something very surprising, people who used botox, which is an injection that helps older people get rid of wrinkles became less likely to get depressed!!

Moreover people who used botox reported experiencing less sadness and being less affected when watching drama on television.

What's happening here? How can a face injection affect a person's emotions to that extent? The answer isn't in the composition of the chemical itself but rather in the way it permanently alters facial expressions which are one of the primary factors that affects emotions.

The connection between facial expressions and emotions

It was found that people have to recall certain facial expressions before they can experience a certain emotions. Sometimes i find my Mom looking very sad and as soon as i enter the room to check on her i find her watching her favorite drama series and that she is absolutely fine :)

You can't experience the emotions you are intended to experience in certain situations before your facial expressions change.

Now back to botox, because it prevents the person from frowning it also prevents him from experiencing emotions that are related to frowning!! (to a certain extent of course)

How emotions are communicated between people

Do you know why you feel scared at horror movies?
Its because the facial expressions of the actor who feels afraid has been transferred to you.

That's also the same reason why we feel comfortable around confident people. In the Solid Self confidence program i explained how confident people transfer to us their relaxed state through their facial expressions and so we feel more comfortable around them.

So how can you alter your facial expressions and so your emotions?

So how can you make use of this information?
How can you do something to your facial expressions so that you alter your mood?

Its as simple as, keeping a smile on your face
when you smile you will force your mind to recall emotions that are associated with this facial expression and your mood will change to the better.

I am not saying like some other people that a smile is the solution to all problems because obviously that's against my teachings but i can confidently say that smiling more often will elevate your overall mood.

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