How to end all bad moods in few hours

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Feeling down?

Are you feeling really bad?
Is your life unsatisfactory?
Do you live an unhappy life?

I know how bad you could be feeling right know but i have great news for you. All the bad feelings you have right now can end in few hours if you followed the instructions in this post correctly.

No matter how bad you are feeling right now the reason behind your unpleasant mood will be one of three things 1) Something bad happened in the past 2) something bad is about to happen in the future or 3) both.

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that depression, sadness, grief and guilt are all feelings that result from the attachment to the past. The more your past is haunting your the more you will experience these feelings.

Anxiety, worrying, stress and fear are all feelings that result from having negative expectations about the future.

How to end bad moods and feel great

Some self help schools tell people to just forget about the past and just be optimistic about the future as if those people have a switch that they can use to end their pain on the spot. Of course those schools are misleading and hardly help anyone feel better.

In order to feel great you need to do something that provides you with a tremendous amount of hope. The kind of hope that will let you see the future in a positive way and make you believe that you will make up for your past.

So what is that action that can give you the tremendous amount of hope that is needed?

  • 1) A serious life change: Quitting a job, starting a business or moving to another city are all types of serious actions that can change the way you feel about your life. Sometimes all you need to change your mood is a serious action that provides hope to your subconscious mind
  • 2) A very powerful plan: Sometimes writing a powerful plan, that you believe in, is more than enough to provide you with hope that your life will be better
  • 3) Both: Write a powerful plan with a promise to change your life to the better then take the first powerful action to prove to your mind that you are serious about the plan

Live with hope

The difference between a sad and an extremely happy person who live the same life might only be that the later has hope. Once you start having more hope that the future will be better your bad feelings will disappear.

Your only challenge will be doing that serious action or writing that plan that could really give you hope in the future.

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