7 mistakes you do everyday that ruin your mood

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why does our mood change?

Before i can tell you about the mistakes that ruin your mood you first need to know the mechanism responsible for changing your mood throughout the day. In my article Understanding mood swings i explained how the inputs we keep receiving through our senses keep changing our moods through out the day.

Your mood can change either because of your thoughts or because of an external input from the outside world. For example, if you took a look at your watch and noticed that you are late then your thoughts will change and your mood will follow.

7 mistakes you do everyday that ruin your mood

  • 1) Consumption of wrong data: How would it feel like if you were feeling full then you kept eating lots of food? Of course you will feel really bad. Food consumption isn't any different than information consumption. If you are in no mood to know the recent news, to find out who went into a relationship or to know what your friends did then checking your Facebook home can destroy your mood. Consuming information when you don't feel like it is like eating while you are full and this is why so many people end up feeling bad after checking their Facebook home (see also Why checking your Facebook home will make you unhappy)
  • 2) Compulsive checking of important information: Lets suppose you were waiting for an important message or email. In such a case checking for that message every now and then might result in severe disappointment. The same happens to those who check their stock prices, social network updates or email very frequently.
  • 3) When Eating goes wrong: Food can make us happy, this is a fact that many people know but just as you can get a temporary pleasure out of eating your favorite food you can also I) Feel really guilty if you believed that this food can affect your body shape or health II) Experience serious mood swings as a result of binging.
  • 4) Physical vs emotional pain: In one study it was found that the areas in the brain that get activated as result of being socially rejected are the same as the ones that get activated when people experience physical pain. In other words just as your emotional state can affect your physical state your physical state can also affect your emotions as well. If you put your physical body under pressure then you are also pressuring your brain and emotional state (for example: not taking brakes, working late at night..etc)
  • 5) Perception of time: If you are a procrastinator then i am sure you understand how you tend to feel more pressured as a the time passes. One of the external inputs that affects our moods is the passage of time. If you had certain tasks to complete then make sure you don't waste time at the beginning of the day else you will risk ruining your mood later on
  • 6) Getting exposed to negativity: Whether its a discussion forum, a post with its angry comments or a verbal fight on a social network consuming this kind of information can dramatically lower your mood. In my previous article How words can change your brain and life i explained how getting exposed to few negative words can dramatically change your mood
  • 7) Delayed long term objectives: Even if you stayed in bed and didn't subject yourself to any external input your thoughts will still affect your mood. So many people put their long term plans aside and as a result experience guilt, sadness and dissatisfaction with their lives every single day. Start on your long term goals today in order to end those bad moods (see also Top 20 mistakes that could ruin your life)

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