7 ways to get more energy for exercising

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Energy, Fatigue and psychology

Do you remember how energetic you felt the last time you were happy?
Many people aren't aware of the fact that fatigue can in many cases be psychological.

I am sure you already know that severely depressed people feel like they don't have enough energy to do anything. Just like tiredness and fatigue are related to your mood physical energy is directly connected to your mood as well.

By learning how to manipulate your mood in certain ways you will be able to get more energy to exercise or do your daily activities.

7 ways to get more energy for exercising

  • 1) How to select your music: Most people use a random play list while excercising or working out because they aren't aware of two major psychological rules which are: I) You need to listen to something that resonates with your beliefs to get energetic and II) you need to avoid whatever can remind you of your unsolved problems. Follow those two rules and your music will give you much more energy (see also The psychology of music)
  • 2) Workout in the morning: Sunlight stimulates your body to produce happiness hormones which can give you more energy. Its always a better idea to work out in the morning than in the night
  • 3) Watch a motivational video: Once you get motivated your body will allocate more energy for you to use and you will be able to exercise better
  • 4) Look at pictures of your future ideal body: right before you exercise take a look at few pictures of the ideal body you want to reach. when you do so your subconscious mind will try to help you achieve that goal by making you more motivated
  • 5) Reduce the amount of stress you get subjected to: Stress depletes serotonin, the happiness hormone, and as a result it makes you feel tired and less energetic
  • 6) Have a fight: While you can't chose to do so still its always a great idea to go to the gym after you have had a fight with someone. Anger is the best pre-workout
  • 7) Exercise on fixed times: When you Exercise on certain fixed times your body will always get energetic on that certain time each day. People who exercise at different times each day confuse their bodies and as a result they feel less energetic while excercising

The long term plan

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how quick fixes can only help you feel better for few hours and that real happiness lies in solving your long term problems.

The tips in this article will certainly give you a push but in order to raise your overall energy levels you need to work on solving your main life problems.

when you do so your overall mood will become better and you will find yourself feeling much more energetic.

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