How to make your room stress free

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How stressful is your room?

Have you ever entered a room that made you feel comfortable?
Or have you ever felt more stressed as soon as you entered a certain room?

Stress is a health consuming emotion and getting subjected to prolonged stress can be among one of the worst things you can do for your health. There are many factors that contribute to stress and one of them is the external environment.

The room that you spend most of your time in can be affecting your stress levels without you noticing. By doing certain changes to this room you can make it much less restful and as a result reduce the daily amount of stress you get subjected to.

How to make your room stress free

Here are some very effective things you can reduce to make your room less stressful

  • 1) Disconnect all electrical devices: Some studies claim that electrical devices contribute to your stress levels and affect the functioning of your brain. A mobile phone can disturb your sleeping patterns and bring you insomnia! If you aren't using the electrical devices in your room then disconnect them from power especially when you are about to sleep (see also Why can't i sleep at night anymore)
  • 2) Reduce clutter: It was found that one of the biggest factors that contribute to stress inside a room is clutter. The more cluttered a room is the more stress it will invoke. I just want you to notice the change in emotions you will experience as soon as you make your room tidy.
  • 3) Reduce negative energy: In my previous article attracting positive energy i said that negative emotions produce energy that affects the atoms of your surroundings. In other words, the more negative emotions you experience inside your room the more stressful and unpleasant the room will be. If you want to do a stressful task such as studying then yo might want to do it in another room
  • 4) Use Flowers: According to Feng shui, the study of the energy of places, flowers can reduce negative energy in a room. You can also make use of color psychology when selecting flowers. The green color is relaxing, if you can bring green plants to your room then it will become more relaxing
  • 5) Color psychology: Do you know that some colors can make a room more stressful? Many colors speed up metabolism and irritate the nervous system. You might want to avoid colors such as yellow, red and orange in a room because of their irritating effect. Green and white have good effects on the mood

More stress reduction tips:

Any distraction coming from the external environment directly contributes to your stress levels. Lets suppose that you are studying in a room beside a busy street. Each sound coming through the window will put additional load on your mind and will make concentration more difficult.

Irritating factors such as poor lighting, uncomfortable chairs or the sound of TV coming from a near by room can also increase the amounts of stress you get subjected to.

do you best to reduce the amount of stress producing factors in your external environment and the overall level of stress you get subjected to will get reduced greatly.

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