How to Unleash Your Unlimited Power

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The superman within

In my previous article Is your mind working against you i said that your brain is an ultimate device that can help you make your dreams come true provided that you know how to use it.

I also said that you have all the resources you need inside of you but you just need to believe in this fact in order to be able to make any use of those resources.

Any skill that seems impossible can be mastered after lots of practice and hard work not because you are a good learner but because your brain was designed to learn anything!

Want a proof?
Then watch that video before you continue reading the article

Did you see what happened?
The man stopped a speeding bullet with a samurai sword!
The good news i have for you is that this man has your same brain. He just kept training and training until he utilized all of his brain powers to work into that direction.

Is this for real?

I know it might come to your mind that this video is Fake or made up and to be honest i didn't verify whether its real or not. But lets put that video aside and refer to an example that we both can agree upon. Ever went to the circus?

Last time i was there, few weeks ago, i saw a man running on a rotating cylinder on the floor. Few minutes later the rotating cylinder was lifted up 10 meters above the ground and the man kept running above it normally as if he is running on the floor.

How did that guy do that?
In addition to the fact that he is persistent his brain actually had the capability of doing so before he started learning.

A close friend of my mine ,called MT, walks on fire without getting hurt and even teaches people how to do it safely. Again my friend utilized some of his brain powers and used them to walk on fire. (see also How to do the impossible)

How to Unleash Your Unlimited Power

Here are the steps needed to unleash your powers:

  • 1) Understand the true power of your mind: You will never be able to believe in your abilities before you realize that your brain is actually extremely powerful. The video in this article and the circus example were only two samples of the hundreds of proofs you can find in the world
  • 2) Train your brain: Once you find out the thing you are passionate about you need to train extensively. The people who do extraordinary things spend long periods of times training and making mistakes. In the end they seem like pros who were born that way but if you saw any of them training you would have realized that you can be just like them if you decided to. (see also Do i need to be talented in order to succeed)
  • 3) Avoid talking with the wrong people: Most people have a self defeating attitude and are never aware of these facts. Now whether you like it or not you will get affected by their words and your beliefs might even change after sometime. To protect your beliefs avoid talking about such subjects with the wrong people

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