Is your mind working against you?

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How powerful is your mind?

Your brain has more than 150 Billion nerve cells that are tightly connected to each other to transfer information. The speed at which your thoughts fly inside this network is faster than the speed of light (3x the speed of light according to one research).

Your subconscious mind can absorb 2 million bits of information per second. The camera in your eyes can detect 10 million colors immediately. If your body was to be used as a power supply it will light a whole city for one week.

In short, you were designed to be a superior creature that has no limitations.
Ever saw someone at the circus doing extremely hard moves? In fact all humans were designed to be able to do these hard things as they all have an extremely powerful hardware.

The difference between you and a person who does an extraordinary thing is nothing more than the right use of his brain power.

Is your mind working against you?

Now that you know that you have this powerful hardware you must ask yourself an important question, is your brain working against you with all this power it has got?

When you think negatively or repeat negative phrases in your self talk such as i am a failure you are actually using all of your brain's power to make this fact come true!

Your brain was designed to attract whatever you think about (not the law of attraction). When you think about someone you will see people who look like him more often. When you fear cats you will start to think that every moving object is a cat.

When you think about ghosts your mind will bring you horrifying images each time you intend to sleep.

Your mind's ability to visualize things is extraordinary. Visualization can take you to a place that you have never been before, charge you with emotions and even change your body's physical state.

Now when you think negatively you actually use the power of visualization against you and thus attract more of what you were thinking about.

Don't abuse this extraordinary device

A Ferrari can let you speed up and bypass all other cars and it can also kill you if you crashed into a tree. Its all about the driver who operates it.

The same goes for your mind, when you use it incorrectly all of its powers work against you. Many people live on the autopilot mode and aren't really aware of the things that change their moods. As a result those people always find themselves feeling bad without knowing the reason. (see also Mood swings explained)

This happens because their subconscious minds, with all of their powers, are working against them. Now when you bring your problems to the surface and consciously analyze them you will prevent your subconscious mind from working against you in the background. Its as if you took control of that powerful mind and consciously operated it just like you operate a powerful sports car.

Procrastination is a silent killer. When you procrastinate you actually send your main important problems back to your subconscious mind to handle them on its own. And because conscious control is absent the powerful beast , which is your subconscious mind, goes out of control and might work against you.

The moral of this article is simple, you can do anything in the world provided that you let your brain work with you not against you.

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