if you want to succeed then protect your beliefs

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why children believe that everything is possible

You might think that the reason children believe that everything is possible is their wide imagination but that's only partially true.

Before children acquire limiting beliefs from the people around them they tend to believe that everything is possible.

If a grown up was lucky enough to reach an older age without acquiring such limiting beliefs then he will still think that impossible is nothing but unfortunately all people fall prey to these beliefs after either experiencing failure or listening to others.

Do you remember how you used to think the first time you decided to start a business, find a job or pursue a goal?

Most probably you were optimistic, excited and full of hope but few month or even few weeks later you found yourself pessimistic, lacking enthusiasm and even depressed.

Do you know what happened to you? You just acquired new incorrect beliefs about life!

How beliefs are eroded

If you brought a kitchen knife then tried to cut a piece of wood then most probably you will notice that the wood is being cut but what you might not notice is that particles of the knife are getting eroded as well.

Beliefs change the same way. People don't acquire new beliefs instantly but as they keep doing the wrong things their good beliefs slowly get replaced by the bad ones.

Talking to the wrong people, thinking negatively, watching negative media or even reading the wrong books can slowly erode your beliefs until you find yourself with completely new beliefs.

This is why learning how to protect your positive beliefs is one of the most important things you need to do in order to succeed in life.

If you want to succeed then protect your beliefs

How many times you were very excited about a new idea or a business venture then few weeks later you found that you lost hope?

The main reason you didn't manage to keep your enthusiasm is that you lost your initial positive beliefs or replaced them with other ones. Had you managed to keep those beliefs you would have never lost your motivation.

Now the question is, how can someone protect his beliefs?
Here is the answer:

  • 1) Strengthen them everyday: Contrary to the process of repeating affirmations which depends on feeding your mind with incorrect beliefs positive visualization can help you believe more in your goals. Visualize yourself succeeding at doing that goal whenever you have time and you will find your belief becoming stronger
  • 2) Don't talk about it in front of most people: How many times you believed that a movie was good then few seconds after talking to your friends you changed your mind? Even if your belief was strong the continues debates between you and the people who disagree with you will weaken your beliefs (unless you are properly strengthening them). Since most people,including you, don't strengthen their beliefs the best preventive action to protect them should be avoiding anyone who can put you down (see also How can your friends affect you)
  • 3) Protect your beliefs from yourself: Sometimes people change their beliefs as a result of failure even if they talked to no one about them. Its very common for a person who was once enthusiastic about an idea to change his beliefs about it just because he failed. In such a case the problem is with his beliefs about failure and not with failure itself. Why do you think some people fall over and over but always get what they want in life? Its just because they understood failure correctly. By fixing your beliefs about success and failure you will be able to protect your beliefs from your own self

I have managed to become a self made millionaire at the age of 28. This didn't happen by chance because i already wrote that goal down five years before i accomplished it. Becoming rich is not about luck, starting big or being intelligent but its all about having certain beliefs about money and life.

In The Ultimate guide to becoming rich i will teach you everything that you need to know in order to become rich.

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