7 reasons to join a positive community

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Optimistnet The Social network for positivity and motivation

If you have been following 2knowmyself in the past few days then most probably you discovered that 2knowmyself launched its own social network, optimistnet the social network for positivity, motivation and positive humor.

Apart from the fact that i own this social network and that my best interest would be that you join it lets talk scientific.

I have been studying the effect of positivity and negativity on the mind since years. And what i discovered is that if you didn't balance the negativity you get subjected to by some positivity then you are certainly going to end up becoming pessimistic, sad and even depressed.

Want to know how this happens? Then check out the next few lines

7 reasons to join a positive community

  • 1) Negative words trigger negative thoughts: Your mind is a very complex network of information. As soon as a word is said it triggers all similar thoughts related to it. Just think of any word lets say "Food" then keep repeating it few times and monitor the kind of thoughts that came to your mind (see also How words affect your brain)
  • 2) Negative statements turn into negative beliefs: If a statement was repeated over and over it will eventually turn into a belief provided that no opposing beliefs exist in your mind. If for example you had a great business idea then so many people told you that it wont work then there is a very large possibility that you will lose faith in your idea
  • 3) Hate messages trigger aggressive thoughts: Even if you are not involved in a verbal fight just getting exposed to angry people is very likely to trigger thoughts of anger and aggression
  • 4) Negative Beliefs limit your potential: The strongest limitation in the world is a negative belief such as "I can't" or "there is no way out". Getting exposed to so many negative messages will surely result in the formation of negative beliefs (see How limiting beliefs are created)
  • 5) Motivation runs out just like fuel: So many people ask me why do we get motivated when we attend a course or watch something motivational then lose our motivation few days or even hours later. The answer is very simple. motivation is like fuel for a car. The positivity you get exposed to runs out after your mind consumes it and that's why you always need to refuel.
  • 6) Beliefs aren't formed if opposing statements were repeated: If some people told you that you can't do it and some others told you that you can do it then there is a big possibility that you won't form a negative belief simply because another statement is contradicting the negative statement
  • 7) Because even positive people say negative stuff: Removing the negative people from your Facebook list will NEVER
    protect you from negativity because each normal person will speak negative when he is in a bad mood. Complaining about the traffic, his job, her boss or the country is something that all normal people do when they have a bad day. The only way to get a clean news feed is to join a social network where only positive and motivational posts are allowed.

Get exposed to some positivity to stay healthy

So apart from the fact that i want to promote my social network you do need to get exposed to some positivity to balance the negativity you are getting exposed to.

If you didn't do so then most probably you will form negative beliefs about life and these negative beliefs will limit your potential and ruin your mood.

This is why we launched Optimistnet The Social network for positivity, motivation and inspirational content only! Join Optimistnet today, follow positive people and get your daily dose of positivity.

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