How to get motivated to succeed in life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do you get motivated

Do you know why you sometimes get motivated and sometimes not?
Do you know why the same thing that motivates you can fail to motivate a friend of yours?

Its because we get motivated when a motivational message coming from the outside world resonates with our inner world. Try to motivate a person by telling him anything against his beliefs and you will certainly fail.

Now tell that person anything that is aligned with his beliefs and you will notice how he gets affected. In my article Why do we sometimes shiver when we listen to music i explained how songs that are perfectly aligned with your beliefs can over stimulate your nervous system and cause shivering.

In other words everything you need to get motivated is already inside you but you just need to find the right trigger to get it out.

Motivation and the right trigger

A movie scene, a song, a phrase or even a word can act as a trigger that summons the motivational force inside you but there is a trick here. You won't get motivated until you come across the right trigger. Motivation works like a key and a key hole, if the key matched the keyhole then you will get affected (motivated).

The reason you haven't been motivated in a long time is that you haven't gotten exposed to any triggers in a long time. Even though all the resources you need to get motivated are already inside you they have to be brought to the surface by the correct trigger in order for them to be active.

So how can you find the right trigger? By simple trial and error.
If you got exposed to 10 motivational messages each day then certainly within few days (if not earlier) you will come across the right trigger that motivates you.

Now the question is, where is that place where such motivational messages can be easily found?

Optimist Net A social network for motivational and positive posts only created by 2knowmyself. We created that network to help you get the daily dose of motivation you need by just following some positive people.

When you get exposed to many positive messages coming from different people you will certainly come across a one that matches your personal beliefs and as a result you will get motivated.

How to get motivated to succeed in life

The motivational sources you get exposed to lose their effect after some time and fail to trigger your motivational force. Just try to watch the same motivational video each day for a week and you will notice how its effect weakens each day. (see also Why motivational sources lose their effect)

This is why getting exposed to new motivational sources each day is the only way to stay motivated. Some people mistakenly think that in order to get motivated they just need to call upon the positivity inside them but the problem is that without the right external source they might never be able to access their own positivity.

Yes motivation comes from within but you need an external source to point your mind to the right place that has the needed resources for motivation.

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