Why do i lose motivation so easily

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I was motivated few days ago

This is probably one of the most common question i get from readers. So many people send me emails asking why they start with a lot of motivation then quickly find themselves completely unmotivated.

Here is a sample question i got from a reader:
"Hi Farouk. When i read a motivational article, watch a video or attend a course i find myself very motivated but shortly (sometimes after few hours) i find myself lacking motivation once again"

The one common thing people who send me those questions complain about is that they can't stay motivated for long periods of time. So how can that problem be solved?

In order for you to know about the right solution to that problem you first need to understand how motivation works.

How motivation works

Remember the last song you heard that made you feel really happy?
How did you feel after listening to it for two weeks?
It became much less effective right?

When we get exposed to new sources of motivation they work like magic but as your mind gets used to them they become boring and lose their effect. (see also Why the motivational sources lose their effect)

The reason this happens is that the negativity we encounter in our lives wipes out the effect of the positivity we got exposed to.

Now when a brand new motivational source arrives the cycle starts from the beginning and it motivates you for some time until its effect fades away.

Motivation is like food. You can't wonder why you are hungry now just because you ate 5 days ago. If you didn't have at least one meal everyday you will certainly starve and die.

The reason so many people are not motivated is that they never get their daily dose of motivation from a positive source. Motivation is just like a car fuel. If you didn't refuel every now and then you will stop.

Why do i lose motivation so easily

The reason so many people are not motivated is that they don't refuel. Our brains get stimulated by novel sources and respond less to old ones. Now what about not getting exposed to any kind of motivational source for weeks or even months?
How do you expect yourself to be motivated?

I am sure you are now worrying about finding that daily source of motivation but don't worry we already developed a solution for you.

optimistnet a Social network for positivity and motivation.

All you need to do to get that daily dose of motivation is to join optimist net and follow some people. Every time you need some motivation you can just check the positive news feed there and get exposed to images, text, videos and inspirational materials instantly.

The next time your car runs out of fuel don't wonder why it stopped. You simply didn't refuel since a long time. Motivation works the same way.

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