Why are some people overly cautious

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Is it a good thing to be cautious?

Being cautions is certainly a good thing. After all so many people get injured or even die because of carelessness. It's a good thing to be cautious when handling an electricity plug or driving on the high way but when this cautiousness extends to include the other relatively safe life areas then cautiousness is considered a serious problem.

An example of an overly cautious person who worries about things that he shouldn't worry about is the person who gets afraid and anxious whenever he is about to do any activity outside of his comfort zone.

Yes most humans like to stay inside their comfort zones but some people dread leaving that comfort zone simply because they are scared of everything and everyone.

As you know being bold, brave and courageous are extremely important requirements for success in life. Take Mark Cuban as an example. He is a famous billionaire who managed to do so many things in life and to achieve great success just because he was totally fearless.

Why are some people overly cautious

I won't blame you if you are overly cautious for the first and the most popular reason that makes a person overly cautious is his upbringing. Over protective parents make their children believe that the world is unsafe. As those parents strive to keep their children safe they indirectly make them think that everything in life is dangerous.

When this child grows up and faces life on his own he seeks another protective person to protect him from the dangers he expects to find in the world. This person usually becomes extremely cautious and anxious.

The second thing that makes a person overly cautious is lack of courage. Some people were raised in such a way or have gone through certain experiences that prevented them from developing courage or being brave. Those people try to avoid anything that could lead to potential danger even if the possibility of something going wrong was extremely low.

After a lot of worrying and caution the structure of the brain changes. In the Solid Self confidence program i said that the brain is plastic and that the parts that are used often become stronger. In other words the cautious person finds it much easier to worry , to be anxious and afraid than a person who isn't overly cautious.

But the good news i have for you is that no matter what the reason that led to that structural change was this change can still be reversed.

Explore your limits

The best way to end this problem is to explore the limits you have been afraid to explore since years or even decades. Now don't get this advice wrong and do something really dangerous then end up confirming your false beliefs about the world.

It's not uncommon for your subconscious mind to force you to do something reckless every now and then just to prove to you that you were right when you decided to fear everything.

I am pretty sure you can tell the difference between a truly dangerous activity and one a that you are avoiding just because you got used to avoiding everything that scares you.

If you fear dogs for example then it would be a great idea to approach a friendly dog of one of your friends in his presence. That was just one simple example but as you keep exploring your limits and realizing that they were virtual limits you will become a truly brave person.

An overly cautious person sees the world from the wrong angle. If you have this trait then it's time to see the real world.

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