How fear affects people's lives

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How fear affects people's lives

No this is not an article about fear of darkness or Ailurophobia but its an article about irrational fears that ruin people's lives without they even notice.

Fear is a very powerful emotion and a very strong motivating force. The more intense the fear becomes the more it affects a person's behavior, mood and life.

In this post i will tell you how fear affects people's lives.

How Fear can change your behaviour, thoughts and perception

  • 1) Fears affect perception: Do you know that your perception changes according to your mental state? Right after watching a scary movie you are very likely to be scared of harmless objects just because your perception was greatly affected by the movie. Now what if you fear rejection? Or what if you are afraid that people will notice that scar on your face? Most probably your perception will change and you will interpret people's gestures incorrectly as signs of rejections! (see also Why do people see the world differently)
  • 2) What do you mean??: Criticism hurts because of many reasons but one of the most popular reasons is believing that the criticism targeted the thing you were afraid to be criticized about. If a girl fears to be judged because of her weight then most probably criticism will hurt her if she believed that people were referring to her weight indirectly. The "phrase what do you mean" which your friend says after you criticize him usually has the purpose of finding out whether your comment was targeting the thing he was always afraid to be criticized about or not (see also Why criticism hurts)
  • 3) Fears affect behaviour: I am sure that one day you found one of your friends acting in a very weird way that can't be explained. Why would someone become overly cautious all of a sudden? Why would someone suddenly become aggressive and why would a person start acting weird out of nothing? People think about their fears all the time and when they feel that they will encounter them they start becoming insecure. Do you know why your wife started calling you many times everyday all of a sudden? its because she felt insecure because one of her fears has took over her mind (maybe the fear of being cheated on?)

How to deal with scared people

In order to deal with scared people you have to do the following two steps:

  • Understand their fears well: If you didn't understand those people well then there is a very big chance that you will interpret their behaviour incorrectly. Try to understand the minds of those people well and to know more about their unconscious fears
  • Make them aware of their fears: Many people run on the autopilot mood without giving themselves the chance to analyze what's going on. When you notify those people about their fears and draw their attention to them you will be helping them to think in a more rational way (see also How to live consciously)

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