Fear of darkness in adults

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Fear of darkness in adults

What causes fear of darkness in adults?

In a previous article i said that fears and phobias are caused by traumatic experiences that happen to people earlier in their lives.

But why would an adult still fears darkness even though nothing ever attacked him in darkness?

For a little child the causes of fear of darkness are quite rational, after all the little child can't yet tell whether monsters exist or not but for an adult this appears strange, right?

In this article i will tell you exactly what causes fear of darkness in adults.

What causes fear of darkness in adults?

In order to understand a behavior perfectly you need to look for its underlying cause.

A child that was showered with attention and suddenly found his parents focusing on someone else (a new born child for example) might develop a fear of darkness in order to make sure that his parents will still look after him even when he becomes an adult!!

So in some cases fear of darkness in adults can just be a cry for attention!!

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that our fears can sometimes change their form and shift from one object to another without we notice. For example an adult who fears loss of control might start fearing darkness without knowing why he feels so while in fact he fears darkness because it reminds him of his lack of control over his life.

Adults who fear the unknown might fear darkness as well. Since darkness represents the unknown to some people they start feeling uncomfortable in dark rooms without knowing why.

How to get over the fear of darkness

If you are an adult who fears darkness then you must start following these steps in order to end your fears:

1) Find out the root cause of your fears and deal with it. Put in mind that the reason you fear darkness might not be related to darkness itself
2) Use gradual exposure to gradually expose yourself to dark places in a step by step approach until you find no problem in doing so.

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