How to become fearless in life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to become fearless in life

No this is not some kind of a motivational article that will encourage you to become fearless with some positive words that will lose their effect in few days but its an article that will give you some practical steps on how to be fearless in life.

So how can a person become fearless? And is that actually possible?
At each point in your life there will be certain issues that make you afraid. If you managed to reassure your subconscious mind about all of these issues then you will have no fears.

The subconscious mind usually responds to suggestions with opposing beliefs if any were found. If for example you said something like "I am super confident" then your subconscious mind might reply saying "how come you are super confident while you were shaking during yesterday's interview". (see also Why affirmations never work)

So how can this fact help you become fearless in life? Read this article to know how to do it.

This is how to become fearless in life

Go somewhere where no one can disturb you. Try to clear your mind as much as you can then grab a piece of paper and write on it "I am fearless". Read what you wrote out loud many times until your subconscious mind starts to send you opposing beliefs.

In such a case you will find your subconscious mind replying with all the beliefs that it has against that new statement you are feeding it with.

Its so common that you find opposing phrases coming in the form of self talk such as:

"You are not fearless you feel anxious around people"
"You are not fearless you are afraid to get fired"
"You are not fearless you fear to approach strangers"

Record each of these objections and write it down until you make sure that you became aware of them all.

Do you know what you have just done? You wrote down your current list of fears and since your subconscious mind is the one that triggers the emotion of fear you can confidently assume that this list is extreemly accurate.

Deal with your fears to become fearless in life

Now that you have the list of fears present start by doing the following to each feared item:

  • Learn the missing skills: If you fear a certain situation such as talking to strangers then learn the missing skills that you lack in order to be able to feel confident during these situations. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that anxiety is no more than a feeling a person gets when he believes that he doesn't have the skills needed to do a certain task successfully. Learn the missing skills, master them and your anxiety will be over
  • Develop a backup plan: If you were worried about the occurrence of a bad event then develop a backup plan that you will follow in case something goes wrong. By doing so you will reassure your mind that even if the feared situation happened you will still be able to handle it (see also How to stop worrying)

Once you deal with your list of fears that way you will become completely fearless until a new fear appears later on in your life.

Becoming fearless in life is all about learning how to identify your fears then working on dealing with all of them together.

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