Why do humans suffer?

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do humans suffer

Why do humans suffer? Lots of people ask this question whenever a debate is started about God’s existence. What’s funny is that most of the people who ask that question don’t ask it because they are really confused but because it’s their own way of denying the existence of God.

If there is a God then why do we suffer? And if he created the universe, why didn’t he make a perfect job by preventing tornadoes, earthquakes…etc?

The answer is very simple, but before you read it you must first ask yourself one question, do I really want to know the answer because I am confused or is it just my way of saying that there is no God?

The simplest question ever

Because i was raised in a culture where God’s existence is believed to be a fact I have never found any problem in answering this question. Why do humans suffer?

God created this planet as a testing area to see how will we behave under the various circumstances. Will we lose faith in him when he sends us some pain?
Will we deny his existence because we saw an earthquake that killed many people?
Will we start to have doubts about creation whenever we feel bad or down?

So what will happen if people passed the test? Simply they will go to heaven.
Another question that may pop into your mind is, why does God need to make a test for us, doesn’t he know everything?

Yes he knows everything and the reason he made the test is not to see how will you behave but rather to let you be a witness on your own deeds so that when he tells you that you can't go to heaven you don’t say, but God, if you just gave me sometime or made a small test I would have been a great person.

So the test is for you, not for God. What if a teacher came and suddenly told you, hey, you will get a “D” and you don’t need to take the exam. What will you do? Won’t you tell her to test you first before giving you a “D”? How can she give you a grade without giving you a chance to prove that you can get a better grade?

One final question, what’s the need of all of this mess? Why don’t we just go to heaven directly?
God is so kind, he wants you to be a good person for 60, 70 or 100 years then you will live in heaven forever, what a deal!!!!

Even if your life was full of suffering from the day you were born until the day you died, how can this be compared to immortality?

Does god Exist?

This is the question you should ask yourself if you were serious about seeking your answer. If you believe that God exits then you don’t have any option but to accept his deeds.

I don’t like philosophy or people who think using their emotions instead of minds. God is there and you can see him, not directly of course but you can see his existence through science.

What do you know about biology?
How many astronomy books have you read?
Do you know anything about the big bang?
Have you heard anything about the bombardier beetle?
Do you know what the probability of producing a single living cell is?
Do you know how your mind operates?

If you don’t know the answer to any of these questions then you should never ask anyone why do people suffer but instead you should seek your answers instead of depending on beliefs that have nothing to support them. Science supports God's existence, what evidence do you have to support your idea of Mother Nature or whatever you believe in?

To answer these questions you only need 3 things, the desire to seek your answers, a working internet connection and the Grey device called the mind.

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