Why do we need to be in control

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Are we really in control?

Are we really in control of our lives?
For the first instance the answer might seem like a yes. After all the actions you take are responsible for either letting you reach your goals or failing. But are we really in control of everything?

What about illnesses?
What about death?
What if a close relative got really sick?
What about diseases that can't be treated, at least for now?

There are so many of our life's aspects that we have no control over at all yet most people believe they are 100% in control of every aspect of their lives. But the important question here is: why do we think this way?

Why do we need to be in control

The answer of that question lies in the title. We want to believe that we have full control of our lives because we need to be in control. But again, why do we need to be in control?

We humans are egoistic creatures. Many of us don't want to believe in higher forces or in anything that robs us the privilege of being fully in control. When something great happens to us we need to believe that we are the ones who created it and acquired it.

Also when a bad thing happens to us we need to believe that it happened for a reason so that we can feel in control. In my past article why do we feel optimistic in January i said that we become optimistic in new years because we want to believe that the bad events that happened in the past are associated with the last year and that they can't happen again.

Why do you think people believe in things such as lucky number 7, the bad luck of black cats or knocking on wood to bring good luck?

Again people want to feel in control by avoiding certain things and embracing others. By avoiding a black cat for example a person can believe that he has more control over his own luck. See why do people believe in superstitions.

Why we glorify successful people

There is no doubt that most successful people have made great efforts but in so many cases factors that were totally out of the control of those successful people helped them become successful.

In a previous article called how success works i explained how success usually happens as a result of the combination of hard work and factors that a person has no control over whatsoever.

So why do we glorify successful people?
Simply because by believing that those people succeeded because they were great we are actually telling ourselves indirectly that all the achievements we will ever make in life makes us great as well.

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